Olansi Home used air purifiers UV light air cleaner personal air filter recommend for 2022

Olansi Home used air purifiers UV light air cleaner personal air filter recommend for 2022

Nowadays, as people pay more and more attention to physical health, the problem of air pollution has become a major problem facing people, and air purifiers can effectively solve this problem: sterilization, aldehyde removal, and virus removal, creating for us A comfortable and safe air environment! Today’s article, Olansi, will introduce to you the necessity of air purifiers and related product recommendations.

(1) In a newly renovated house, a large amount of air pollutants such as formaldehyde and toluene will remain in the air. At the same time, wood chips and adhesives will emit peculiar smells. Living in such an environment is likely to endanger your health. The air purifier can effectively remove toxic substances such as formaldehyde and toluene, purify air pollutants, remove peculiar smell, and even sterilize and disinfect. It is highly recommended to buy and use.

(2) Those who have pregnant women at home should pay more attention to the problem of air pollution. Studies have shown that children born to pregnant women living in an air-polluted environment are three times more likely to suffer from heart disease than normal pregnant women, and air problems are easily affected.

(3) If there are elderly or children in the family, their immune systems are relatively weak, and they are susceptible to air pollutants, and they need to pay more attention to their health.

(4) People with respiratory diseases, rhinitis or allergies to dust at home also need an air purifier to regularly remove pollutants and allergens to ensure clean air to prevent aggravation of symptoms.

(5) Families with pets such as cats and dogs. Pets are easy to carry mites and bacteria, and a lot of dander will be scattered, which will pollute the air and need to be cleaned in time.

(6) Working people who often stay and work in the office. Being in a closed office for too long, the air is not circulating, and symptoms such as dizziness, chest tightness, and irritability are prone to appear, which affects work efficiency and damages one’s health.

(7) There are elderly elders who like to smoke in the family, and they should also pay attention to the hazards of second-hand smoke. At this time, an air purifier is needed to quickly inhale second-hand smoke to reduce the amount of second-hand smoke.

(8) Smog weather is prone to occur in northern cities, causing serious air pollution, and more prevention is needed.

(9) Economic conditions permit, the pursuit of high-quality, high-quality and comfortable life.

(10) It is easy to produce peculiar smell in the home, and want to eliminate peculiar smell and kill bacteria.

Therefore, at this time, you need an air purifier at home. How to choose an air purifier? Olansi recommends the following for you:

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