Teach you how to choose more efficient use of air purifiers

Teach you how to choose more efficient use of air purifiers

With the continuous impact of haze weather and people’s health consciousness increases ceaselessly, the popularity of air purifier rate rising, more and more families choose air purifiers to protect their breath. There are a lot of people say air purifier effect is very good, some people say the reaction effect is very general, what is the reason?


In addition to not choose cheap shoddy products,

Regular cleaning filter: every half a month or a month of regular purifier of air outlet, air inlet and internal filter properly wipe dust, can prolong the service life of the filter at the same time, it can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of products.

The long-term use of electricity: purifier in use is not able to see the results of short-term, long-term use. And the purifier can purify the limited area, the best in use should be put it across the center or the indoor air port, in order to purify the indoor air of 360 degrees, 30 minutes before opening the machine it is best to use the file or wind open automatic mode, so that the indoor air rapidly through a filter, improve indoor air quality.

Keep the windows closed: the use of air purifiers, in order to avoid outdoor dust germs affect indoor, need to keep the windows closed, but the long-term closed will lead to air and bacteria breeding. So in the sun is relatively abundant, outdoor pollutant content less at noon on the appropriate ventilation window cleaner use is also very good.


Genius: haze some consumers mistakenly believe that the purifier need only one or two hours in the haze day actually useful, in addition to particles in the air, bacteria, formaldehyde and other harmful gases are harmful to human health and air pollutants. So the air purifier needs a long period to open the use to be effective, rather than temporary home appliances.

Do not replace the filter: filter screen of air purifier and water purifier is similar, there is a certain degree of saturation, HEPA filter in haze weather is generally only the longest life of three months, the activated carbon adsorption filter can be generally half of it needs to be replaced, the daily use of the sun exposure is appropriate to extend its service life.

Just look at the PM2.5 :purifier market is hot from the haze weather silue, but this does not mean that cleared PM2.5 reached the air quality qualified. In addition to the air of respirable particulate matter and bacteria and other harmful gases, the purification ability of purifier needs comprehensive aspects to consider the measure.


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