Why do people think that air purifiers useless?

Why do people think that air purifiers useless?

Many believe the first use of an air purifier consumer will have a question, that is, air purifiers really work?

Air purifier is a method for filtering the air of harmful substances, so that the polluted air becomes clean and healthy appliances. Note that, since the object of an air cleaner is air and having an air flow. Thus, in the process of purifying the air, we must ensure that the air needs to be purified and the interaction can not occur outside air, otherwise it will lead to the purification effect is reduced.

Of course, for most consumers, in the open air purifier close all windows and doors when needed, which is a basic common sense, not a question, “the effect of air purifiers really do” reasons. What really makes consumers to doubt the effect of the air purifier, and is probably derived from a misunderstanding of the air purifier products.

Many people think that after the air purifiers, air did not have have a “fresh”, “natural” feeling, so that the air purifier may not be effective. However, this is precisely the biggest misconception people air purifier. Because air purifier works by inhalation of contaminated indoor air through the cartridge filter, air pollutants after the treatment, and then released back into the indoor air pollution. In this process, the air purifier just removes harmful air pollutants, and does not change the composition of the air itself, and therefore does not have a “fresh”, “natural” feeling.
In addition to a misunderstanding of the product itself, some errors also an important reason to use an air purifier poorly performing. For example, an air purifier too close to the wall outlet will cause poor air flow so that the air purifier work is limited in scope, resulting in “air purifier has no effect,” the illusion. Also, a lot of people out of energy-saving considerations, often do not enable the maximum amount of wind shift, but this often leads to the air cleaner does not reach optimum operating condition. The correct approach is to use an air purifier placed in the center of the room, for the small amount of wind shift after the maximum amount of wind shift work to maintain 30-60 minutes, so as to maximize the purifying effect of the air purifier.

Also do not understand the classification of air purifier products, often lead people to choose the wrong air purifier. Like indoor formaldehyde pollution was used to purify particulate matter based air purifier, indoor or bacteria, germs pollution was used to remove the formaldehyde product. Therefore, in the selection of air purifiers, the need to see clear its main objective is to purify the kind of pollutants, according to their needs to buy.

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