New International Standard

Haze raging, China has become the hearts of the most difficult to forbear harm. When people “talk about the mere mention of haze”, the air purifier has become a guardian of health, haze nemesis, to help people to reduce formaldehyde, PM2.5 and other violations of the body, especially the protection of the elderly, infants, patients and other groups.

It is also because the market is huge, profitable, industry rules yet, a large number of low-quality cottage products flooding the market, blind expansion, resulting in the market chaos. For consumers, the new national standard provides a more intuitive purchase criteria, closer to the actual needs.
In the new national standard, the high CADR value (1 hour to produce the volume of clean air, clean more quickly, the better), high CCM value (cumulative weight purify pollutants directly affect the filter is for how long), energy efficiency value ( can more power) and low noise level (the maximum amount of clean air, the amount of sound generated by the sound operation of the machine), the “three high and one low” buy air purifiers become a standard trick.
CADR value is the most direct reflection of the cleaning speed, it is one of the core measure of the purifying effect. From the time the simple evaluation can be seen, only formaldehyde CADR an indicator of the market, there are many hot new products have not reached GB standard, so it seems, the road of change of the air purifier long way to go, but quality market-leading OLANS or will become the industry benchmark, popular in the market.
CCM pay more attention to the value of the purification ability of continuity, indicating that the air purifier CADR dropped to 50% when the new machines, which can purify the cumulative number of pollution. Simply put, it is that you can really help us much purification of air pollution within the corresponding one of the air purifier filter life cycle. After the implementation of the new national standard, before some defect or lack of product in the filter design, it will reflect the lower value of the CCM, to help phase out the market that substandard products.
Noise problem has been empty net purchase is key point most likely to be overlooked, some customers often do not practice it credulous business advocacy. However, in terms of noise substandard products will seriously affect the quality of life, stressed that the new national standard for low-noise can not let some professional empty net exits the market, regulate the industry ecosystem.
         Air purifier is arguably one of the most hot small household electrical appliances in recent years, the new national standard air purifier industry to provide industry access standards, can be avoided in the past, the concept of industry speculation, false propaganda, and so prices were inflated chaos. Duocuobingju government level, not only promote green consumption, and help Forced appliance industry transition to environmentally friendly energy production and direction, enables manufacturers to focus on technological innovation and improve product quality, boosting the sound development of the air purifier market .

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