Why should we use the air purifier?

With the advent of summer, blue sky day more and more. Maybe when you think back, at the end of last year that part of dark clouds, haze raging, even breathing is not a free day, I was thinking: finally bid farewell to the haze, you can rest assured that a breath of fresh air. Summer haze regardless of the severity or duration is well below the winter, however, other types of indoor pollution was significantly higher than in winter.
Maybe you do not know, some of the harmful gases in the summer heat, a significant increase in the release, even if your house has been renovated over the years, can not be taken lightly, the release of furniture, plates of formaldehyde and other pollutants is an ongoing long process that takes ten years or even longer to be fully cleared. Together with our home indoor cooking fumes, do not be completely detached, leaving some gas left in the room, it creates harmful to our body substances.At this time you need an air purifier OLANS.
Since the air conditioning when needed to close the windows, these pollutants can only cycle indoors, indoor air quality dropped significantly. If used in conjunction with an air purifier, which can remove airborne fine particulate matter, volatile organic compounds and bacteria, therefore, is the best air purifier air conditioning companion. Faced with indoor air pollution, air purifiers is still a small area to create the best choice for clean air.
The vast majority of domestic consumers is to prevent haze and purchase an air purifier, and haze days, mainly in the winter, so most consumers are used to turn the air purifier in the winter. Relatively speaking, in the summer haze even occasionally visit, it will not last too many days, the degree of pollution and no winter so serious, so most consumers will not turn on the air purifier. This may be an air purifier using a large misunderstanding. Because the air purifier features are not just used to combat PM2.5 pollution, as well as its removal TVOC, remove various functions of pathogenic bacteria and allergens for consumers to choose from

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