These 4 common problems of air purifiers, if you don’t know, please take a look

These 4 common problems of air purifiers, if you don’t know, please take a look

Because everyone’s understanding of air purifiers is not comprehensive enough, many consumers still have a lot of misunderstandings. The editor has sorted out the four common problems that everyone has at present, and hopes to help you better understand air purifiers. . I also hope to help you deepen your understanding of air purifiers so that you can choose an air purifier that is more suitable for you.
1. It must be right to buy based on the comments of netizens?

On the Internet, because the information dissemination is very convenient, I believe many people have seen various evaluations and reviews of air purifiers, such as various rankings. You might think this way. For example, I don’t know about this product. If everyone says a good product, then it might be really good. You shouldn’t be wrong to buy it with you. This kind of thinking can’t be said wrong, but it’s not all right. In fact, many assessments nowadays cannot be completely independent and fair, because many rankings and assessments are paid for by some air purifiers, which not only raises oneself but also steps down. other people. I suggest that you can look at the evaluations of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine or related public welfare organizations to be more objective. Only in this way can you avoid being misled by false rankings and false comments.

2. The air purifier is not easy to use, is it a quality problem?

Some people are more anxious. After buying an air purifier, they do not read the product manual or consider the use environment. They just buy it and use it. After using it, they find that the indoor air purification effect does not meet the expectations. They suspect that they have bought a fake product, and then just hit it. Call the relevant air purifier manufacturer. But in fact, in this case, you must first carefully read the product manual to know the approximate usage, and then use the air purifier reasonably according to the relevant instructions. Only in this way can the air purifier be used well and achieve the desired effect. For example, the doors and windows are not closed when using the air purifier, or the doors and windows have this phenomenon because of the old problem, so the effect of using the air purifier will definitely be affected; and the use of the air purifier does not mean that you have to use it 24 hours a day. , When the outdoor air pollution is not serious, you can properly open the window to ventilate and so on.
3. There are several air purification technologies, which one is more suitable for me?

At present, the mainstream technologies of air purifiers on the market include ionization type, filter type, catalyst type, etc., but the most mainstream is ionization type and filter type. The ionization air purifier, also called negative ion technology, uses a high-voltage electric field to generate a large number of negative ions to absorb tiny particles in the air, thereby purifying the air. Filter type refers to the filtering of small particles and formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the air through HEPA (high efficiency filter) nets, activated carbon nets, etc. Both of these technologies are currently mainstream and mature technologies, but there are significant differences. Ionization-type air purifiers do not need to replace the filter, and the maintenance cost is low, so they are generally used in industry. The filter-type air purifier has a fast purification rate and small size, which is generally more suitable for household use, but it needs to be replaced regularly. net.

4. Is there a machine that integrates air purifier, fresh air system, and air conditioner?

Because many people think that if you want to install air conditioners in your home, you must also install an air purifier and a fresh air system. It is troublesome to install too many machines. If you can integrate these three into one, it would be great! But I am sorry to answer you, there certainly isn’t. It doesn’t mean that it cannot be designed or manufactured, but that even if it is designed and manufactured, the end result is not practical. Because the air purifier, the fresh air system and the air conditioner are to be integrated, it must be large enough, and if it is necessary to take into account all the functions of the three, it will inevitably weaken the three functions. For example, if you buy a multi-function electrical appliance, it can cook soup, hot pot, and rice, but it’s not a professional rice cooker. It’s the same reason, and I believe the price of this three-in-one electrical appliance. It won’t be cheap. If this is the case, will consumers still pay? I believe there is no such thing, unless it is just a fresh picture bought and used for a few days, it will definitely be discarded later.
These four questions are common problems that consumers don’t know much about air purifiers. Now they are sorted out and hope to help everyone better understand air purifiers. I sincerely hope that everyone can find a satisfactory air purifier in the end.

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