Anion air purifier – Olansi is your best choice

Anion air purifier – Olansi is your best choice

The air purifier, it can effectively remove harmful substances in air purification, to ensure that the indoor air fresh. Negative ion air purifier provides not only clean air, it can also supplement the lack of air, beneficial to human health “air vitamin” – negative oxygen ions.


Purification principle of negative ion air purifier
Negative ion air purifier is different from the traditional mode of purification, but the negative ion divergence produced to the active purifier purifying the air in the air, in order to achieve dust removal, sterilization, odor removal purposes. Compared with other negative ion purifier purifier, it has the advantage is the use of negative oxygen ions to capture and purify harmful substances in the air, negative ions while it emits can keep the body healthy.

Effect of air anion on human health
Research confirmed that the negative oxygen ions like food like vitamins, has a very important effect on the human body and other biological life activities, known as the “air vitamin”, can make people healthy life, so it has the “longevity factor” reputation. Medical research shows that the main effect of negative oxygen ions on people. Are the following:


Respiratory system: the effect of air anion on the respiratory system is particularly significant, because the negative ions through the respiratory tract into the human body, can improve the body’s vital capacity, thereby improving and increasing lung function

Nervous system: air anion can enhance the oxidation process of tissue, so that it can get more oxygen, can make the spirit, improve work efficiency, improve the quality of sleep, strengthen mental activity and cerebral cortex function

Cardiovascular system: air negative ion is the dilation of blood vessels obviously, can relieve artery vasospasm, reduce blood pressure, improve nutrition and cardiac function, beneficial to patients suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patients.


Negative ion air purifier using method

1, in the use of negative ion purifier should pay attention to the timely maintenance and cleaning of the purifier, dust collector dust has been filled in time for cleaning

2, when placed in the negative ion purifier placed in the middle of the house, try not to rely on the wall or near the furniture

3, the use of negative ion purifier only need to open the button of the purifier, and set the time it can automatically start working

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