Pet Owners: The Benefits of Using an Air Purifier

Pet Owners: The Benefits of Using an Air Purifier

Having a pet today has become a dream for young and old. A faithful companion who receives us with love, with whom we can play and; that in those moments of sadness it comforts us, it is definitely one of the pleasures of life that we can call happiness. However, many people manifest allergies to them and, the most popular solution today; is to give them up for adoption. Something very sad to do that can be easily avoided if we only make a small investment in an air purifier.

Because, while people attribute the allergy to the hairs they leave in various places; Although they can cause discomfort; What actually causes allergic reactions is animal dander. Below, we’ll tell you how to deal with this animal dander and allergens using an air purifier.

Olansi A3A Air Purifier

Olansi A3A Air Purifier

Animal dander, why does it cause allergies?

Although to date only 10 allergens produced by dogs and cats have been identified; and that affect human beings. The list is much broader than that. However, it has been determined that the main proteins that these allergens contain in common are those of the lipocalin family. When they are mostly released it is during the mating season; since animals use them as pheromones to attract the opposite sex.

But why is animal dander produced initially?

Animal dander is not only produced by dogs or cats; other animals also produce it. From horses to cows, mice and rabbits; even we humans produce this dandruff.

It is a natural process of all animals with fur or feathers. It occurs because our skin is renewed, the remains of skin; they are discarded in the form of microscopic particles that roam the air.

These particles, when inhaled through the nostrils, cause irritation to the eyes, throat and, many times; A reaction occurs in reddening of the skin in different areas where the dandruff has settled.

Being so small and volatile, any movement is able to lift them and make them travel through the air until we suck them up. In total, more than 330 species of animals have been identified whose dandruff is capable of causing allergic reactions in people.

So how do we combat allergens left by pets?

Air purifiers with HEPA filters pass quality control tests only if they are able to clean the air in a smoke-filled room. Likewise, activated carbon and ultraviolet technology; guarantees that even the smallest microbes are exterminated. All in order to be able to breathe fresh air.

And that has a lot to do when we are pet owners. Even if we are not really allergic to them; It cannot bring great benefit.

Animal dander particles are extremely large, when compared to everything an air purifier destroys. In the end; the only thing released is the oxygen molecules.

Thanks to negative ions, animal dander cannot simply float until it reaches our lungs. It is attracted to the air purifier and; Due to the quantity of activated carbon reinforced HEPA filters; dandruff is completely removed.

Of course, there is a risk of an allergy episode if we allow our pet to climb onto our bed or; in the case of dogs, if we allow it to lick us.

Olansi K08C21 Air Purifier factory

Olansi K08C21 Air Purifier factory

After all, pheromones and allergy-triggering proteins; they are also transmitted through secretions from saliva. But if you take small precautions and you also have an air purifier. You will not suffer from allergies and you can keep your pet.

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