What is air purifier?

What is air purifier?

OEM Air Purifier is a kind of home appliance which can absorb odor, remove smell, decompose formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, second-hand smoke, Hepa Air purifer also can transform all kinds of air pollutants adsorption, (generally include such as dust, pollen, smell, formaldehyde decoration pollution, bacteria, allergies, etc.).

1.China air purifier. If it is located in the area of moderate humidity, or the quality of the air is not too high, buy a oemair purifier is good.

2.Humidifier air purifier. Indoor air is very dryif usually open air conditioning is dehumidifier air-conditioning, or the requirements of high air quality .m,m

3.Car air purifier. If it is used for purifying the air in the car and need to special purifying pollution inside the car smell, formaldehyde, smoke smell and other vehicles, and can specifically placed in car .

4.Desktop air purifier. It can put it in the desktop and clean the air around the desktop to protect the health of people around the desktop air purifier, some of the client think buy a china air purifier is not worthwhile, not fashion, desktop air purifier is better choice.

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