Is desktop air purifier useful? A good tool for children to study quietly

Is desktop air purifier useful? A good tool for children to study quietly

Tutoring children’s homework can be said to be the last straw to crush middle-aged people. It also makes them wonder why these children just can’t study well?
In fact, it’s not entirely the children’s fault. If they stay in a closed space for a long time, they will make people feel chest tightness, dizziness, fatigue and health decline. For the majority of parents, if they want their children to study hard, they should start with improving their learning air quality. It is suggested to open the Olansi air purifier A12 to create a good learning space for their children.

Now the temperature is getting higher and higher, the air quality of the home is facing more and more severe challenges, especially the pungent odor, which seriously affects the air quality of the home. In this regard, the C1 exclusive technical filter screen of orlandes desktop air purifier can directionally destroy and bond five components in common odor pollution sources, such as pet metabolites, food spoilage smell, toilet odor, etc., and the deodorization effect can be improved by more than 20%, providing children with fresh learning space.

In addition to peculiar smell, formaldehyde is also an important factor affecting air quality. For example, newly renovated new houses and newly purchased furniture all contain formaldehyde. The enhanced formaldehyde removal filter screen of europos desktop air purifier C1 can effectively remove formaldehyde, TVOC and other decoration pollution, leaving no hiding place for formaldehyde.
For allergic parents, once they come into contact with allergens, they will have varying degrees of allergic reactions, which will also indirectly affect the ability to accompany their children to study and concentrate. The allergen inhibition filter element of europos desktop air purifier C1 contains allergen inhibition components extracted from natural big leaf trees, which can lock the allergen components of common allergens and inactivate them to achieve inhibition effect. The anti allergen rate of the filter to dust mite was over 95.54%.
When children study, they need to be quiet enough to listen more attentively. Olans tabletop air purifier A12 is designed with low noise. The noise is very small when it is running, and the noise can be ignored.

Parents guide their children’s homework, but also prepare meals for their children, cleaning, household chores are often forgetful. Olansi desktop air purifier A12 can turn off the machine regularly. It is no longer afraid of forgetting to turn off the machine. It can also turn on the machine before children do their homework, so that children’s learning desktop air quality can be effectively guaranteed.
During the course of homework, parents should relax their mood, encourage children more, and accompany them with more patience and care to learn happily and grow up healthily!

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