Spring Allergies aren’t always the same for everyone

worst spring allergies

Symptoms associated with Spring Allergies aren’t always the same for everyone. There are many factors that can influence a person’s reaction to seasonal allergies like pollen, dust and mold. One of the main causes of the worst spring allergy flare-ups is surprisingly where you live.

Because air quality regulations and climates vary per region, many cities in America have completely different air quality levels.

To create awareness about Spring Allergies, the Asthma And Allergy Foundation Of America has unveiled their yearly rundown of Spring Allergy Capitals for 2015, providing the following list of US cities with the worst warm weather allergies.

AAFA Allergy Capitals 2015

As you can see from this list of top 25 allergy capitals above (those with the worst spring allergies), cities across the map are falling victim to increased pollen levels and unhealthy air quality levels overall. If you, your family or loved ones live in one of these areas and are suffering from increased allergy symptoms, consider any of our Air Purifiers For Allergies – which can relieve up 99.97% all airborne particulates.

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