What Is Hydrogen-Rich Water?

What Is Hydrogen-Rich Water?


Electolysis of water (H2O) generates Hydrogen and Oxygen,and their volume’s ratio is about 2:1.

Here is an experiment shows what happen with the electolysis of water.(see the photo on right side)

1.When power get through the water,there is decompositing reaction,which leads to Hydrogen and Oxygen: 2H20=2H2+02 ( by DC power condition).

2.Water is composed of Hydrogen and Oxyen two elements.

3.These two types of elements hasn’t been changed before or after the reaction.

4.In the chemical reaction,molecular is separable,and atomic is un-separable.

5.The water (H20) molecule is consist of a hydrogen atom and an oxyten atom.



Hydrogen water also known as plain water in Japan. It tastes very neutral, similarly to the taste of purified water—colorless,tasteless and olorless.

Hydrogen itself is one of the best natural anti-oxidants, so the water with hydrogen has a strong restoring function,which can neutralize the body’s blood and active oxygen (radical ) of the cells.

Hydrogen water has much more antioxidants than that of vitamins A,C,E,or green tea.It’s negative potential reach to -300MV,this is very amazing. So it can fully remove malignant active oxygent from the body. Malignant acitive oxygen is the souce of million disease,such as cancers,common life disease etc..


Product Benefits

Hydrogen water is the best antioxidant matter. It contain high hydrogen capacity, negative potential. It can balance body’s pH and prevent a variety of diseases effectively. Hydrogen water is easy to enter the cell channel, to participate in the metabolism, so as to promote cell detoxification, increase the cell’s hydration and enhance the body’s immune system.


You’re recommended to drink this water 1.5~2 liters everyday.

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