What Can Air Purifiers Remove?

Absolutely. We’ve compiled the list for you to the most common concerns where air purifiers are able to help.

  1. Allergies, asthma, COPD and other respiratory concerns. The air purifiers you’ll find on Air Purifiers America do a particularly good job with this category of concerns since HEPA technology thoroughly removes the airborne pollutants that trigger breathing issues.
  2. Pets and Dust. We commonly talk to customers who are looking to simply have cleaner air or to relieve the dander and odor concerns that come along with the joys of pet ownership. Many of our air purifiers with HEPA filters will address these concerns effectively, but we may also recommend a purifier with active carbon to deal with odor.
  3. Mold and Germs. Many people are quite sensitive to mold, or concerned with other microbes that are in their air. We sell units that both effectively trap mold and germs, along with some units that go one step further and utilize technology that will kill mold spores or germs.
  4. Odor, Smoke and Chemicals. This category of concerns usually requires a different approach, since a HEPA filter doesn’t address them directly. However, we carry a good number of units that use activated carbon and other additives that have been tailored to removed odors or neutralize chemicals. Some of these units have been built to deal with very specific concerns (e.g. formaldehyde); in that case, you would do well to talk to one of our product specialists who can get you to the specific unit you need.
  5. Other. As we mentioned above, the list of specific concerns that air purifiers can help with goes on and on including MCS, Pulmonary Fibrosis and many others. But don’t take our word for it! Spend a few moments on our customer reviews page and you’ll see story after story of how the high quality air purifiers that we stock have positively impacted the lives of people with a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances.

The bottom line: Proper use of a quality air purifier can relieve a wide variety of concerns. We encourage you to give one of our top rated allergy units a try in your bedroom and see how your breathing and sleep might be improved.

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