Home Air Purifier:Why Moms need room air purifier?

1.It helps to reduce particle pollution and toxic,and eliminate allergens in the air at home. Especially for bedroom,which usually have poor ventilization.

2.It offer some level of protection from the above mentioned air pollution.
3.Choosing a wrong oem air purifier do the ladies more harmness than helpness.Like the electrostatically which release ozone.Ozone is halmful to lady’s beauty and even dangerous for pregnant women.
4.A medical air purifier with HEPA filter is suggested.
This kind of technical is the most safe and environmental way at present.
air purifier k01
Reason why choose our Olansi air purifier.
A.Easy operation:Simplicity of basic functions like Ionizer, Timer, Sleeping mode etc.
B.Quietness: The noise level is control under 23db in low speed mode.Which providing quite but clean environment.
air purifier k01
C.Color: Romantic rose color.
For your healthy,we sincerely suggest our Olansi air purifier to you,it can improve your indoor air quality.Olansi air purifiercontain OEM Air purifier,China Air purifier,Home air purifier,hepa air purifier and so on.

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