Air purifier market deposit “three arbitrary” phenomenon

As the air quality has become a hot issue of concern, the air purifier market is also increasingly popular. Into the mall, a variety of dazzling ad – formaldehyde, PM2.5 removal rate of 99%; the United States and other authorities as abound. These air purifiers really do have such a big effect?

In the first half, Shunyi Branch of Industry and Commerce Bureau in the region within the air purifier launched special rectification action, check out the 244 business, check the air cleaner 19 brands and 36 models, according to the law punishes false advertising, product quality standards , certification qualifications false, counterfeit infringement violations. Staff in the renovation found purifier market presence “certification chaos, chaos data, promote its chaos” phenomenon.
The so-called “certification chaos, chaos data, publicity chaos,” is that some businesses under the banner name of certification authorities, air purification products for publicity, in fact, false certification, these so-called “certification authorities” may simply environmental protection department is not an accredited body does not exist, or, some data may mark the country there is no relevant certification standards. There are business content air purifier performance test report is not standardized, the test report testing environment and time, the data structure is not uniform. For example, some claim that the purification rate of 99% of the purifier, which detects the environment is at 1 cubic meter enclosed space, not in the space of our normal life detection. Some businesses also claim that the product “has a supporting role for people with allergies,” “have a therapeutic effect on the common cold” and other exaggerated, false propaganda, misleading consumers.

City of Industry, Shunyi Branch remind consumers to purchase an air purifier should pay attention to the regular shopping malls, supermarkets or stores to buy appliances; keep a good purchase invoices; view of the air purifier performance parameters, test reports and related promotional data, whether in full compliance with national standard test; attention filter function; selected based air purifier works and types and so on.

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