Air purification enables you had more peace of mind.

As the name suggests, an air purifier is mainly used to purify the air, so purify PM2.5 addition, the fact there are many that do.First, in order to purify the air of particulate matter exceeded the mainstream air purifier currently spontaneously adopt a HEPA filter as the main physical filtration technology, adding activated carbon filter for adsorption of volatile organic compounds.
Then, to make these harmful substances is more rapid purification, air flow pressure drop of the professional fan is also essential that the air rapidly through the filter, the harmful substances more rapidly filter.In addition, air purifier filters and activated carbon layer in addition to including HEAP layer, but also includes a good variety:Coarse filter layer is located on one of the essential outer most layer, which is mainly used to filter some of the larger particles, such as hair, dust, smoke, etc.

Humidification filter (generally need to add water themselves) are also common in some of the purifier, generally speaking humidification filter is generally located at the last floor, filtered through layers of clean air through this filter layer is brought into the air, the clean air leaving the outlet at the same time bring out the delicate water molecules in order to achieve a natural humidifying effect;
Photocatalyst, negative ions and other functions is not uncommon. Wherein the photocatalyst is a kind of nanoscale titanium dioxide represented by general optical semiconductor material having a photocatalytic function, it is mainly applied to the surface of the filter, under the action of ultraviolet light, resulting in a strong catalytic degradation reaction, with air purification, disinfection , deodorant and other functions.
Anion means with one or more negatively charged ions, studies show that: after reaching a certain concentration of negative ions not only in the combination with the bacteria, the bacteria produce changes or transfer of energy structure, leading to bacterial death to sterilization, but also to make human blood oxygen content increased, promote metabolism, improve human immunity have to regulate body function balance.

Having said that, so far from the haze of the day, we can use the air purifier in the end to do? First, if your house is newly renovated soon, or purchase a new home, you may already smell the odor, formaldehyde but in fact still exist on our body the harm is not small, this time will be able to purify formaldehyde function come in handy. Secondly, friends, home to the guests inevitably want to smoke a bit disappointing, outdoor weather and very cold conditions, in order to reduce the dangers of secondhand smoke and timely compromise would be a good way to open air purifier. Also, the use of hoods for some time will inevitably not to force, immediately renewed seems yet to come, when the price is too high, the installation is also very troublesome, this time, will be at home idle air purifier can actually sent over very good problem solving. As for humidification, sterilization of these functions, then it goes without saying, we usually use was also very much, although the air purifier may be less than the effect of air purification so obvious, but it can still play a role.


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