Air purifier purchase skills with the cleaning and maintenance tips

Outside, the air we breathe, with factories, car exhaust fumes, haze is also very serious, so many people will have respiratory disease. That hid in the house would not have to breathe the air of poor quality bar, indoor air pollution is the same serious, it can not be ignored. Today we take a look to buy an air purifier and air purifier share tips to clean and maintain.
Buy air purifiers skills to share
1, according to the selected space air purifier. If you’re in an area where a relatively large amount of wind air purifier should be chosen as large as possible models, which can introduce products through judgment and choice.
2, consider an

security. Air purifier housing, movement and purification technology related to the safety of the air purifier. Purification technology is best found in nature as positive and negative ions.
3, note that the air purifier works. Purifying are: physically, electrostatically, chemically, negative ion mode, and composite mode. Under normal circumstances the principles of simultaneous use of multiple purification purifying effect will be even better.

4, air purifier life and ease of maintenance. In order to prolong the life of the air purifier, buy air purifiers have time to select a playback function of purification and filtration bile.
Air purifier to clean and maintain
  Air purifiers and water purifiers, like, need to be cleaned regularly, and some need to replace the filter, consider the gall to maintain its purifying effect. Air purifier maintenance and maintenance, depending on the needs of different brands, different types of air purifiers to be.
Air purifier dust filter dust collection plates or regular cleaning, general cleaning once a week, or the foam plates with a dry cleaning soap after use, to keep the airflow smooth and sanitation. Fan, when the upper electrode more dust, to be clear, general maintenance once every six months. Available long-haired brush in addition to the electrodes and the dust on the wind vane. When the air purifier is not in use, should be cleaned after put into the box, stored in a ventilated, dry place.                       Usually should pay attention to moisture, so as not to reduce the use of efficiency due to damp or damaged.
Basically every day in sleep eight hours or so, in addition to work, time at home is more than 10 hours and choose an air purifier, to create a comfortable home environment for themselves and their families and keep healthy. These are on the optional air purifier small series presentation skills sharing and an air purifier to clean and maintain content.

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