Suitable air purifier places

Where for home air purifier? Placed in a suitable place on a home air purifier can play a more effective air purification the desired effect, where the main living room, children’s room, bedroom and office and so on.

Living room: This is an important family gatherings and places to entertain guests, but in the decoration, the living room was also brought a lot of health risks, such as brushing the surface of the furniture a variety of paints, adhesives and paint these contain a large number of volatile organics, indoor air pollution will be severe, long-term inhalation of these harmful substances, will the respiratory system, nervous system damage. In fact, the carpet can also adversely affect the indoor air. Fine plush pure wool rug is an allergen, can cause skin allergies and even cause asthma. Carpet can release formaldehyde, acrylic and other substances into the air. The curtain of the Central Standing Committee to join the production process synthetic resins and other additives and dyes, finishing agents, these additives which will contain formaldehyde, when these long-term exposure to the air curtain, it will pollute the indoor environment.It’s the resaon why should use the air purifier in the living room.
Children’s room: the child’s body is growing, respiration according to body weight than adults, 50% higher; children more than 80% of the time living in the interior, poisonous gas chamber construction and decoration produced children’s room decor and furnishings, pollution caused by a variety of toys for children, easily lead to bacteria, fungi, viruses and other biological contamination. It’s the resaon why should use the air purifier in the children’s room.
Bedrooms: from a day of sleep time, the time spent in the bedroom is quite long, so we would rather focus on the quality of air in the bedroom. An adult breathing about 2 million times a day, the intake air of 15 to 20 cubic meters, 8 hours of sleep, eight hours in the bedroom inhale polluted air has a direct impact on human health. Modern building decoration materials contain volatile organic radiation, formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, etc., in addition to the original bedroom furniture air pollutants superimposed on pollutants released, the bedroom often make excessive air pollutants. When the bed is often dusty, beds and bedding, and the following dust mite mattress is also worrisome.It’s the resaon why should use the air purifier in the bedroom.
Office: For city people have about 4/5 of the time is spent indoors, busy at work all day for you, most of the time spent in the office needs. While our office has someone cleaned every day, it looks spotless, in fact, large quantities of pollutants floating in the air, and these will become the new “invisible killer”! World Health Organization has estimated that every three employees may have 1 person in the long-term work makes them ill locations. Coatings used in the decoration, flooring and other man-made sheet, containing formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and other harmful substances, there are many other volatile organic compounds (TVOC), it will cause great harm to the human body. Close doors and windows, air conditioning, computers, copiers, televisions, and other appliances using disinfecting cabinet, so the number of negative oxygen ions in indoor air is significantly reduced. Impact printers, fax machines, multifunction machines on the environment mainly produce ozone, dust and electromagnetic interference.It’s the resaon why should use the air purifier in the office.

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