“air vitamin” – The benefits of negative ions


Producing reactive oxygen species, negative ions can activate the oxygen molecules in the air effectively to help more active and  easily absorbed by the human body,  prevention of “air conditioning disease”effectively.

To improve the lung function,

After the human body absorbs the oxygen carrying negative ions, the lung can increase the absorption of oxygen 20%, and more than 14.5% of the carbon dioxide.

Stimulate metabolism,

The activation of many kinds of enzymes in organism, promote the The new supersedes the old.

Enhance disease resistance,

Can change the body reaction ability, active reticuloendothelial system function, enhance the body immunity.

Improve sleep,

By the negative oxygen ion action, the human spirit can be excited, the work efficiency is improved, but also can improve sleep, and has obvious analgesic effect.

Our Air purifier with Negative ions function with many benefit.




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