Let more energy-efficient air purifier

Let more energy-efficient air purifier

Air purifiers are more acceptable to consumers, professionals recommend air purifiers to 24 hours operation, the power issue is bound to be a problem in ensuring air quality, energy conservation is worthy of our attention.

How can I make the air cleaner to save energy, it will be an issue we are concerned about. In fact, let the air purifier energy saving can also be very simple, just between you and me hidden in the gestures, in our daily life bit by bit.

Today, Xiao Bian teach you the recipe, the air purifier energy-saving tips.

A trick
Air purifier placed. The correct placement will promote good indoor air, rapid cycle, so that enhance indoor air quality, air purifier will not be placed in a position close to the wall, particularly the air inlet on the back of the product.

Tip two

Close doors and windows. Air purifiers are relatively closed environment for the use of, close doors and windows can effectively prevent outside contaminants from entering the interior, which can maintain good indoor air quality.

Tip three
Regularly replace the filter. Filter is the core of the air purifier, along with a large number of adsorption filter pollutants in the air, the effectiveness of the filter is decreased, and timely and regular replacement of the filter can be kept purification efficiency air purifier, so as to achieve energy saving purpose.

Tip four
Using the maximum amount of wind stalls. Purification efficiency air purifier maximum under the windshield is the best, but also the most energy-intensive. When you enter the room, you can turn on the air purifier largest windscreen and 30-60 minutes to fall rapidly, reaching excellent levels of indoor air pollutants. Then turn the air purifier small files to maintain indoor air quality can be.

Tip five
Always concerned about outdoor air quality. At present we are concerned about fine particulate matter PM2.5 pollution, mostly from the outside, so according to the outdoor air quality to be targeted to open doors and windows ventilation, air purifiers adjust air flow stalls, but also can achieve the effect of energy-saving .

Tip six
Depending on the environment adapted to select air purifiers. In the purchase of air purifiers, it is possible according to the size of the actual use of space, combined with the main parameters of the air purifier clean air the amount of particulate matter, to select the most suitable products. Simple calculation method is: Room size = the amount of clean air particulate matter / 10.
Tip seven

According to their own needs to choose an air purifier. Air purifiers can either remove fine particulate matter PM2.5, can also remove the decoration of indoor pollution, selected according to their actual needs of targeted products, can greatly improve the removal of indoor pollutants particular, to achieve the desired indoor air quality .


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