How to choose an air purifier?Four points helps you choose air purifier in 2021&2022

How to choose an air purifier?Four points helps you choose air purifier in 2021&2022

There may be many hidden dangers in the air that looks normal at ordinary times, such as excessive formaldehyde released during new house decoration, a large number of molds in Meiyu season, and viruses spread by influenza outbreak, etc. It can also improve the indoor air environment. Our best choice is air purifier. However, there are so many kinds of air purifiers in the market, how can we choose to avoid “stepping on thunder”?

1、 What are the specifications of the air purifier
There are many specifications of air purifiers. According to the use environment and space size, they can be divided into small air purifiers, medium air purifiers and large air purifiers.
1. Small air purifier
The small air purifier can meet the use of rooms with an area of less than 30 ㎡. Its purified air volume is about 150m. This purified air volume can achieve very good purification effect, which is more suitable for small families.

2. Medium air purifier
The use range of medium-sized air purifier is between 30 ㎡ – 50 ㎡, and the purified air volume is between 250m and 400m. It is more suitable to be placed in closed places such as living room, study or office. It is more suitable for medium and large house types, but it is not suitable to be placed in public places.

3. Large air purifier
The large air purifier is suitable for a space of more than 50 m2, and its purified air volume is also relatively large, generally more than 400m. Large air purifiers are generally used in business. They have strong purification capacity and are more suitable for outdoor use. If they are used for household, they are not recommended.

2、 What are the advantages of air purifier
1. Good filtering effect
The biggest function of air purifier is filtration, so it can effectively filter allergens in the air and reduce the spread of diseases. The air purifier can also eliminate viruses and bacteria, effectively settle dust and impurities in the air, etc. if it is recommended for people with respiratory diseases, it can prevent respiratory diseases and be safer.
2. Deodorization is more effective
In addition to purifying the air, the air purifier can also effectively remove the taste in the air and achieve the effect of deodorization. It can not only remove the oil fume generated during cooking, but also absorb the formaldehyde and other harmful substances generated during decoration, so as to ensure the health of the family.

3、 What additional functions does the air purifier have
1. Intelligent control function
Now many home appliances have added intelligent control functions, and air purifiers are no exception. This function can be controlled according to voice, and can also be connected with the air purifier with the mobile app for remote control. This function not only provides convenience for our daily life, but also avoids the embarrassment of forgetting to turn off the air purifier when going out.
2. Noise reduction function
Noise reduction function is also an important function. All electrical appliances will produce a certain amount of noise during operation. If you want to have a good sleep, you should ensure that the noise during operation is not too loud. The air purifier with noise reduction function is more important. This function can reduce the noise during operation and sleep more safely.

4、 How to buy air purifier
1. Select according to the working principle
① Passive purification principle
The principle of passive purification is to inhale the air with a fan, and then purify the dust and impurities in the air through a multi-layer filter screen. The air purifier with this working principle determines the purification effect by virtue of the difference between fan and filter screen, and the placement position and effect are inseparable.
② Active purification principle
Active purification principle gets rid of the restrictions of fan and filter screen, and actively releases purification factors in the air to diffuse sterilization molecules to all corners. This purification principle is not limited by the placement position and is more suitable for selection.
③ Double purification principle
The dual purification principle combines the active and passive purification principles, which can make up for the shortcomings of the two principles, and the effect is better. However, although the double purification principle has good effect, the price is also more expensive. If the budget is sufficient and the requirements for indoor air quality are relatively high, it is recommended to choose this principle of air purifier.
2. According to important parameters
① Cadr value
Cadr value refers to the efficiency index of air purifier and represents the total amount of purified air per unit time. Cadr value is related to the size of house area, and the larger the better. If the Cadr value is too high, it will cause a waste of resources. When we choose, we can choose according to the size of the use space. For general small and medium house types, we can choose the one with Cadr value of about 150, and for larger house types, we should choose the air purifier with Cadr value of more than 200.
② CCM value
CCM value refers to the cumulative air purification amount, which can be divided into P1, P2, P3 and P4. The higher the level, the better the purification effect. If the budget is sufficient, P4 grade air purifier can be selected, so that the service life will be longer and the cost performance will be higher.

3. Select according to purification technology
① Etheric quantum purification technology
Etheric quantum purification technology uses quantum chips to micro control air quality. Activated carbon is incorporated into the filter screen to make the purification rate faster. This technology is significant for the purification of gas pollutants. It can effectively kill allergens and efficiently degrade pollutants in the air.
② Anion purification technology
Negative ion purification technology can release negative ions in the air, reduce the activated carbon of pollutants in the atmosphere and reduce the harm to human body. It can effectively remove dust, increase the oxygen carrying capacity of blood, promote human metabolism, and have a certain sterilization and disinfection effect. However, negative ions exist in the air for a short time and need to be released continuously to achieve the effect.
③ Purification technology of activated carbon filter screen
Activated carbon filter screen purification technology uses activated carbon to adsorb particles in the air. It has stronger adsorption capacity and can effectively adsorb dust, free molecules and so on in the air. However, this purification technology can only adsorb temporarily, and it is easy to free pollutants with the change of temperature and wind speed. It is troublesome to replace the filter material regularly.
④ HEPA filter screen purification technology
HEPA filter screen purification technology has strong particle capture ability, large adsorption capacity, high purification efficiency and water absorption. This kind of filtration effect is very good, which can more effectively filter impurities in the air. However, because of the serious haze in our country, too much dust is easy to shorten the service life.

4. Select according to the body structure
The body structure of the air purifier can be divided into two types according to different air outlet modes: lower air inlet, upper air outlet and side air inlet and side air outlet.
① Lower air inlet and upper air outlet
The air purifier with lower air inlet and upper air outlet is a common one. The air passes through the filter screen in a vertical way, and the residence time is relatively short. This type of air purifier has a good removal effect on PM2.5, but there is some deviation in the effect on harmful gases such as formaldehyde and bacteria and viruses.
② Side inlet and side outlet
The filter screen of the air purifier with side inlet and side outlet has small air resistance and large air passing area, which can absorb more harmful gases. This type of air purifier will have a longer service life, but it needs enough space for placement, otherwise it will not achieve the effect.


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