Two core standard air purifier

Two core standard air purifier

With the arrival of the peak summer decoration, air purifiers will usher hot. Air purifier new national standard in this year March 1 implementation of clear four indicators of the impact of its purifying effect: the clean air volume, total purification capacity, energy efficiency rating and noise standards, and provides the core parameters, working principle should be clearly marked. To remind the industry, the new national standard for regulating the market not only plays an important role, is an important reference for consumers to buy.

On the one hand,buy purifiers shonld look at two indicators.

Many electronics stores in the city, to buy an air purifier consumer unusual. Mr. Wang said, who lives in the city center, close to the main road from the parlor windows, dust and vehicle exhaust pollution is inevitable, buy air purifiers with more confidence. There are many who buy because my family was just engaged in renovation, “How much will bring some decoration indoor air pollution, clean up what is necessary.”

Industry sources say that after the case of the air purifier market was mixed so many consumers confused. With the introduction of the new national standard, the situation has changed. Experts to participate in the new national standard revised proposal to buy an air purifier should first look for the two core criteria: the amount of clean air (CADR values) and the cumulative amount of purification (CCM value) were measured by a air purifier purification capacity and purification capacity of sustainability. In simple terms, CADR larger the value, the purification efficiency of the machine, the faster, the larger application area; the larger CMM value, indicating the greater endurance machine can be used longer.
On the other hand, filter also included in the cost of consumables.

Experts advise to buy an air purifier non-disposable consumption, play a key role filters need regular replacement of consumables should also be included in the cost. And businesses to the desired screen costs are often not explicit, consumers should ask about the purchase.

The current mainstream air purification equipment is divided into filter and electrostatic adsorption type, the price is relatively close to the people of the filter type air purifier, the general use of HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, can filter small particles, adsorption of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful gas.

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