New national stardard for Air Purifiers in China

On 25th Sep. 2015, China has set a new national standard for air purifiers. This is to bring order to the contry’s chaotic purifier market.

This standard will include more specific metrics for the air purifiers performance. They are CADR, CCM, Energy efficiency grade, and Noise level.

China’s heavier and heavier air pollution leads to a booming market in oem air purifiers, that the annul sales volume had reached to 2.0 million unites in 2013. However, Many producers and sellers’ exaggeration on the performance of china air purifirs made the market a chao. They misleading consuers during promotions.

The new standards also includes evaluation of the purifier’s service life. In addition, it propose detailed requirements for labeling of the air purfiers. Manufacturer must mark both the product’s service life and the App area on the label. The standard includes the unit’s performance data for both dust and formaldehyde.

The first version of air purifier stand was made on 2002, first time revised on 2008. Which failed to keep up with the expectations of the public. The Previous national standard for indoor air cleaners didn’t take into consideration the need for consumers on filter PM2.5 or use frequency increasing.

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