Air purifier eliminates invisible pollution

Air purifier eliminates invisible pollution

The air we breathe every day has visible and invisible pollution. Even if the urban greening is good, there are still a lot of car exhaust emissions, dust, harmful substances, etc. It cannot be compared with the fresh natural air. Visible pollution is dust particles, while invisible pollution is harmful gases, such as formaldehyde and benzene, which have a great impact on human health and can even cause cancer.

Too much visible pollution can cause smog. However, the level of smog is not reached, and the pollution that is not seen is small. Many dust particles are inhaled into the lungs through the respiratory tract, which will affect the health of the lungs and respiratory system. The invisible pollution is even more serious. Long-term inhalation of harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene may even cause cancer. Even if it does not reach this level, the body will be sub-healthy. Many people feel dizzy after being indoors for a long time. The main reason is that there are too many harmful gases in the air and the air is not pure.



Too many pollutants in the air will also affect the oxygen supply to the brain, which is extremely harmful. Therefore, the visible and invisible pollution must be removed. The air purifier can remove the pollution in the air, and use the function of the filter to absorb and filter out the harmful pollution to the human body, so that the air released into the room is healthy and harmless, and very fresh.


Indoor furniture will continue to emit harmful gases such as formaldehyde, even in a house that has been renovated for one year, a large amount of formaldehyde will still be emitted. Usually opening windows for ventilation can only dissipate a part of the formaldehyde, and many more are always being emitted. It must have the function of a purifier to completely remove it. Some people think that if you live in an old house for more than 10 years, you don’t need an air purifier. In fact, on the contrary, although the furniture in the old house emits less formaldehyde, some new items are often added to the house, and it is easy to emit formaldehyde. According to investigations, the plastic tape used to bind vegetables in supermarkets has a large amount of formaldehyde volatilization. These are objects that are easy to come into contact with and may produce formaldehyde. Therefore, it is not that the furniture will not emit formaldehyde if the furniture is too long.


The Olansi air purifier can also eliminate the bacteria and mildew odor emitted by old furniture, so that the content of harmful bacteria in the air is reduced, and the risk of respiratory diseases is also reduced. Air purifiers have different functions. If you want to remove the odor of furniture, you can choose an activated carbon filter. If you want to remove very fine dust, you can choose a filter with electrostatic adsorption function. Especially if you have pets at home, you can’t lack an air purifier. Animal hair radiates into the air and is extremely small and difficult to be noticed. Being inhaled into the lungs is extremely harmful to the body. The electrostatic adsorption function of the filter can absorb and filter the very small hairs that we hardly see, so that when we breathe indoors, it is much safer and healthy.


Many families have started to use air purifiers. In addition, air purifiers are also used in many hospital wards. It is used to kill harmful gases such as bacteria in the air, and it can also create a dust-free ward environment to allow patients to recover quickly. Air purifiers are used more and more widely in the office field. In many offices, in order to create a better working environment for employees, after the use of air purifiers, the health and safety of employees have a lot of protection.

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