Air purifiers create a healthy living environment

Air purifiers create a healthy living environment

Beijing Center for Disease Control has published over a seven-year indoor environmental investigation report. It was found that indoor pollution including chemical, physical, biological, radioactive substances, more than 50 kinds of four categories, in which formaldehyde, benzene and volatile organic compounds exceeded 20-30 times the maximum actually reached 40 times. Air pollution has become a common cause of human health hazards greatest health threat. According to incomplete statistics, the global acute air pollution caused by respiratory infections each year claimed the lives of about 4 million children.

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies have shown that indoor air than outdoor air pollution levels 2-5 times serious, in special cases up to 100 times. US direct economic losses caused by poor air quality up to $ 40 billion per year, the number of worldwide deaths from air pollution annually about 24 million. In China, the number of deaths due to air pollution every year as a direct result of more than 150,000, the number of accepted due to health problems caused by air pollution treatment of nearly 500 million and the resulting economic losses as high as $ 10.7 billion. It can be said, to solve the air pollution problems of public space has been pressing.

Currently, the world’s approach to solving the problem of indoor air is mainly indoor air purifiers and other air purification function incidental electrical appliances: air conditioner ventilators new wind ventilators, hoods and the like. Of course, as a professional air purifier to solve the problem of air quality products, people clean air, protecting the health of first choice.

Air purifiers on the market in accordance with the shape can be divided into vertical, desktop, hanging and other forms of major products, widely used in offices, factories, subways, schools and laboratories, computer rooms and other places need to purify the air.

Air purifier research has been nearly 200 years of history, but started to enter the field of application is in 1930 research and development of air purifiers, air purifiers and more places will have to wait until the popularity of the late 1970s and early 1980s a. However, although the air purifier started relatively late, development speed very quickly. According to market data, home air purifier penetration rate in Europe and the United States generally 30% or more, a few countries South Korea, Germany and other air purifier penetration rate of over 60%, even if the green rate highest in Japan, the popularity of home air purifier rates have exceeded 20%. Of course, the Chinese air purifier market in 2008 to enter the stage of rapid development, currently home air purifier penetration rate of less than 2%, but by 2030 the penetration rate could exceed 50%.

Since the development of shorter Chinese air purifier market, the degree of market development is still relatively small, the brand is yet officially formed, so in the early development will encounter a lot of difficulties. However, environmental protection and sustainable use of energy will not stop here, the network will air the energy aspects of environmental protection, rational use of energy to make the appropriate contribution to believe in the future, OLANS air purifier will enter every household, fresh and healthy air to people.

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