Is your home use air purifier really get rid of formaldehyde?

Is your home use air purifier really get rid of formaldehyde?

we want to remove formaldehyde, our first reaction is to open windows for ventilation, and reduce indoor formaldehyde concentration through indoor and outdoor air exchange. But in winter, when the outdoor temperature is low, we don’t usually open doors and windows; in the hot summer, opening air conditioner indoors will naturally choose to close doors and windows. At this time, in addition to the use of carbon bags and green plants with small purification capacity to assist in the removal of aldehydes, the use of air purifiers has become a new choice for people. However, the survey found that for the problem of “does the air purifier have any effect on formaldehyde removal”, many consumers have great doubts and think it is just psychological comfort.

Formaldehyde removal principle of air purifier

The air purifier mainly relies on the micro fan inside the machine to stir the indoor air and promote the air circulation. The air to be filtered will flow into the filter screen from the air inlet, and the formaldehyde molecules in the air will be absorbed and decomposed by the filter screen. Thus, the formaldehyde content in the air will continue to decrease, and finally achieve the purpose of formaldehyde purification.

In theory, the air purifier can remove formaldehyde, but in other words, the active carbon filter screen in the air purifier is working. Activated carbon has been a very mature industry, and its strong adsorption has been widely used in water purification and gas purification. At present, after physical and chemical modification, the double modified activated carbon has larger specific surface area, stronger adsorption capacity and better purification effect.

Check the CADR value of formaldehyde to understand the performance of formaldehyde removal

So, how do ordinary consumers judge the formaldehyde removal performance of an air purifier? It’s very simple to see its formaldehyde Cadr value. On the market, the formaldehyde Cadr value of air purifier varies from dozens to hundreds. The larger the value is, the more active carbon content is used in air purifier, or the quality of active carbon is relatively better, the larger the specific surface area is, and the stronger the formaldehyde removal ability is.

Formaldehyde removal test report of air purifier

Generally speaking, most businesses will show the product inspection report issued by the third-party inspection agency in the product introduction, otherwise, the actual measurement process will be recorded in the form of graphics or video to prove the aldehyde removal performance of their products.

SO, whether the air purifier has the ability to remove formaldehyde mainly depends on the content and quality of the activated carbon in the filter screen. The higher the amount of carbon used and the better the quality of carbon represent the larger dust holding capacity, strong adsorption and long service life of the air purifier; and the simpler judgment method is to see the formaldehyde Cadr value under each gear of the air purifier, the higher the value represents the better the purification effect!

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