Working principle of air purifier

Working principle of air purifier

Air purifiers are common home appliances. Before using air purifiers, you will know what are the air purifiers on the market. Let’s talk about the issue of air purifiers.

The working principle of air purifier
The air purifier is mainly composed of motor, fan, air filter screen and other systems. Its working principle is: the motor and fan in the machine make the indoor air circulate, and the polluted air will be removed or absorbed after passing through the air filter screen in the machine, Some models of air purifiers will also install a negative ion generator at the air outlet (when working, the high voltage in the negative ion generator will produce DC negative high voltage), which will ionize the air continuously and produce a large number of negative ions, which will be sent out by the micro fan to form a negative ion air flow, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning and purifying the air.


Types of air purifiers

1. According to the purification method
Passive filter purification: as the most mainstream type of air purifier in the market, passive air purifier, i.e. filter purification air purifier, can filter odor, dust, disinfection, etc. its main principle is: first use the fan to pump air into the machine, and then filter the air through the built-in filter. Filter type air purifier uses activated carbon filter + HEPA filter + photocatalyst + electrostatic adsorption filter + ultraviolet disinfection to treat air. Active carbon and other substances mainly absorb formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, ammonia and other harmful substances. HEPA filter screen can filter dust and inhalable particles
Active filter free purification: compared with common filter type products, the biggest advantage of high-voltage electrostatic dust collection is to use high-voltage electrostatic to absorb dust, even very small particles can also be adsorbed well, and the air purification effect is good. It is better than mechanical filtration in that it has less strict requirements on the filter screen. Even if the mesh is larger, it will not affect the air filtration function. Because it relies on electrostatic adsorption rather than simply relying on the filter screen, it also has some disadvantages, such as secondary pollution and ozone generation. Therefore, users need to open windows for ventilation if they smell pungent odor, And it’s not very convenient to clean. Due to the poor comprehensive experience, the market share of this kind of air purifier is not high at present

2. According to the use scenarios
Large and medium-sized household air purifier: such products are also the most mainstream and practical household air purifier products at present, with prices ranging from 100 yuan to 10000 yuan. The main application scenarios are living room, bedroom and other large area scenes. The applicable area of general products is about 10-150m
Vehicle mounted purifier: if it is used for air purification in cars, it needs to be a special air purifier to purify the car odor, formaldehyde and other vehicle pollution, and can be placed in the car. Therefore, the best choice is vehicle mounted air purifier. However, due to the small product structure and small filter area, the purification effect is usually not good enough

3. According to functional purpose

Filter PM25: Most users who purchase air purifiers hope that the air purifier can filter PM25 in the home. Take the mainstream filter-type air purifiers on the market as an example. HEPA filter. The specific filtering method should start from the working principle of the air purifier. The indoor air is sucked into the machine through the rotation of the internal fan. When the air passes through the HEPA filter, the M25 and other particulate matter will be intercepted by the filter. The air is discharged through the gap of the filter, and the user gets clean air.

HEPA filter: filter formaldehyde, TvoC. Under normal circumstances, gaseous hazardous substances such as formaldehyde and TOC will not appear in the air purifier as a separate function, but in the air purifier that has been added as a subsidiary function according to the increase in decoration pollution in recent years. The main filtering method of formaldehyde and TVOC at present is to filter through the activated carbon filter. Due to the different quality levels of activated carbon, the filtering effect will also be different.

Activated carbon filter: filter pollen, viruses, anti-allergic. Like the formaldehyde filtering function, the filtering functions such as pollen and viruses are also additional functions or product features. Usually, products with this function will be additionally marked. The diameter of pollen is relatively large, so it can be filtered through a HEPA filter like PM25. At present, the main method of filtering viruses and bacteria is through UV sterilization, negative ion purification, and chemical decomposition of cold catalysts.

It can be seen that the operation of the air purifier is due to its working principle. The motor and fan in the machine make the indoor air circulate to achieve the purpose of air purification. In addition, there are many types of air purifiers on the market, so it is suggested that people choose according to their actual needs.


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