How often does the air purifier change the filter?

How often does the air purifier change the filter?

Most air purifiers now have a reminder light. When the filter indicator light is on, it means that you need to replace the filter. The situation in each region is different. The heavily polluted areas need to be replaced frequently, and the less polluted areas do not need to be replaced frequently. Generally speaking, the filter should be replaced every six months to a year, and it will take 3 to 4 months for places with poor environment. replace.



Why replace the filter


Because the air purifier filters for a long time, a lot of bacteria will be adsorbed on the filter. When there are enough dust and bacteria, the filter will be blocked, which will affect the purification effect. And when the purification consumables reach a saturated state, such as activated carbon, when it adsorbs a sufficient amount, it will no longer be adsorbed, and the effect of temperature and wind may also emit pollutants, causing secondary pollution. The filter needs to be replaced next time to avoid compromise of the purification effect.


When does the air purifier need to change the filter?


1. The filter screen needs to be replaced when it has been used for between six months and one year. Generally, a lot of bacteria and dust have accumulated in the interior for such a long time.


  1. When the user feels that the purification effect is not as good as before, for example, after only 10 minutes after smoking, the smoke can not be smelled, but now the smoke can still be smelled 30 minutes after smoking, then the adsorption or filter material needs to be replaced. Even if you have not used it for more than half a year, you still need to replace it, because the frequency of replacing the filter of the air purifier in heavily polluted areas will increase.


3. If the power of the air purifier is turned off, and the filter material is found to be black when it is turned on for inspection, it means that a new filter needs to be replaced.


How to replace the filter of the air purifier


The pre-filter of the air purifier can be washed with clean water, and it can be removed and cleaned every 2 to 3 months. The filter material in the middle, such as the formaldehyde removal filter, should be replaced once a year. The service life of the HEPA filter is 8-12 months, but it is recommended to replace it every 12 months . The frequency of replacement will be higher in areas with serious pollution. . It is best to replace the activated carbon filter every 6 to 8 months.


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