Air purifier structure

Air purifier structure

Air purifier shape composed mainly chassis shell, filtration segment, duct design, motors, power supplies, LCD displays. Decided life is the motor, determine the purification efficiency of the filter segment can decide whether a quiet duct design, chassis shell, filtration segment motor.

Air purifier is mainly composed of motors, fans, air filters, intelligent monitoring system components, some models of machine equipped with a water tank humidifying function, or secondary purification device, such as a negative ion generator, high voltage circuit. Air filter is one of the core components. Other purification apparatus actually played only a secondary function, the air filter is good or bad is a direct impact on the most critical factor is the effect of the air purifier.

Motor and fan: the fan motor as an air purifier is also essential core parts, the main role is to control air circulation. After the air with pollutants inhaled through the filter before the clean air is blown.

Air filter (strainer): Most air purifiers are available in the market to achieve the main purpose of purifying the air filtering through the filter, and the filter is divided into: organic particulate matter filters and filter. Particulate filter is divided into coarse filter, and fine particulate filter; organic filter into the filter in addition to formaldehyde, odor filters, activated carbon filters, charcoal very heart cartridge [1] and so on. Each screen is mainly targeted sources are not the same, not the same filtering principle.

Water tank: With the air purifier more and more consumer attention, air purification function is also not limited to air purification only by increasing the structural design of the tank, the air purifier in the completion of the basic mission while also being able to air play the role of humidification.

Intelligent monitoring system: intelligent monitoring system is simple to understand as air quality monitors in real time the difference between the good judgment of the built-in air quality monitoring equipment, consumers can choose to use an air purifier according to the air quality situation. In addition to intelligent monitoring system can also filter into the life of the tank’s water level monitoring, user-friendly understanding of the air purifier operation.

Negative ion generator and high-voltage circuits: Usually as a secondary purification, mainly to send together with the negative ions clean air. Anion has sedative, hypnotic, analgesic, increased appetite, lowering blood pressure and other functions. After thunderstorm, people feel comfortable, that is, the air of negative ions increase sake. Anion capable of reducing air pollutants from the atmosphere, nitrogen oxides, cigarettes and other reactive oxygen (oxygen free radicals), reduce excessive reactive oxygen species on the human body.

Disinfection means: electrostatic air cleaning devices on its structure, generally there are three products on the market: Flatbed air purification device structure, hexagonal honeycomb passage air purification device, the hole passage of air purification and disinfection equipment.


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