How can the Air purifier be used to have a good effect when the haze is severe?

How can the Air purifier be used to have a good effect when the haze is severe?

Many people prepared air purifiers early before the winter, and waited for the smog to come. First of all, the self-prevention consciousness of these friends is worthy of recognition. However, do you really use the right air purifier at home? What is the effect? The wrong way to use it not only fails to purify, it may also cause harm to the body! Today, I will tell you how to use an air purifier to have a good effect.

Choose the right CADR value


When we buy air purifiers, we will notice the CADR value. The CADR value refers to the amount of clean air output per hour. The higher the CADR value, the higher the purification efficiency of this product. It is worth noting that when we buy a purifier, we must see whether the CADR value is suitable for the room area. Products with a small CADR value purify a large space, then the purification effect is definitely not good.

Check whether the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced


When the haze is severe, always check whether the filter inside the machine needs to be cleaned or replaced. If it is time to wash and change, but there is no time to clean it, not only will it affect the purification effect, but it may also cause secondary pollution and affect the user’s health. This will outweigh the gain.


Placement should be reasonable


Some people like to put the air purifier against the wall in pursuit of beauty or other reasons. This approach is wrong. Because the purifier is placed too close to a wall or other objects, it will affect its air circulation and greatly reduce the purification effect. The correct approach is to stay at least one meter away from walls or other objects, and not too close to people, to avoid harm to people from harmful substances in the machine.


Turn on 24 hours when the haze is severe


When the haze is particularly severe, it is best to keep the purifier on for 24 hours. Only by continuously delivering clean air can the indoor air quality be guaranteed; otherwise, better results will not be achieved. In addition, sleep mode or automatic mode can be selected at night, which not only saves power, but also lowers noise.

Do not open the window and use the air purifier at the same time


If you want to ventilate, then don’t turn on the purifier, and vice versa. Open the window and use the purifier. When the haze is severe, don’t blame the purifier for its poor effect.


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