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In recent years, China’s air purifiers market has gradually moved towards segmentation, starting focusing on air purifier dedicated to bedroom and pets; Global air market continues to grow. South Korea and India maintain high growth; Sales volume of low-end air purifiers in ordinary market is still large. With the rapid development of single economy and pet economy, the demand for small purifier will increase rapidly!

North America is a huge market for air purifiers, with annual sales of nearly 4.5 million units, sales of about 4.6 million in European market. The Chinese and Japanese market are dominant in Asia.

Air pollution includes not only PM2.5 but also bacteria and viruses, which are hidden dangers posing threat to health and you can’t be more careful! Such as formaldehyde, odor, pollen and other allergens in the house,Secondhand smoking, smell, etc. in the office,Attack of influenza A virus, influenza in birds, SARS and other viruses.

Intelligent purification, caring for health

Olansi Healthcare, as a professional air purifier manufacturer, we attach great importance to the development of new products.According to the development of the market, we have launched small air purifiers in line with the public’s choice. Let’s take a look at the styles.

A12 series 

 A12A A12B


Features:  High CADR Value 100-120m3/h ,Mould microorgansim Filtration ,PM2.5 filtratiin ,6-10m2 applicabke area ,360 degree Ciculatating air inlet, Inelligent air quality display , Filter chage reminder ,Automatic purification


A17 Series 

Intelligent Desktop Air Humidifier A17A

Intelligent humidification, automatic sensing of environment humidity

H13 HEPA + high-performance modified activated carbon three-in-one filter screen High CADR value: 110㎡/h  Applicable area: 7-13㎡  Intelligent WIFI control

DCbrushless motor, low power consumption + high efficiency conversion + long service life

Low-noise purification, sleep peacefully

Filter screen replacement prompt, water shortage prompt under humidification mode  Fashionable design, exquisite appearance

Desktop Air Purifier A17B

UVC LED sterilizing lamp with zero ozone ,H13 HEPA + high-performance modified activated carbon three-in-one filter screen.High CADR value: 110㎡/h   Applicable area: 7-13㎡ , DC brushless motor, low power consumption + high efficiency conversion + long service life  Low-noise purification, sleep peacefully , Filter screen change prompt T,wo fashionable colors, exquisite appearance

Composite 2 in 1 filter :

A4  Desktop Air purifier 


H13 Grade HEPA filter formaldehyde, PM2.5 Removal Sterilization and virus removal Deodorization, second-hand smoke ,low noise, Stylish appearance, energy saving ,360 degree ring filter ,UVC sterilization (optional)

A5 series. 

Simple, fashionable and beautiful

H13 HEPA three in one filter screen, Highly integrated with AQI panel ,High CADR value: 200 m3 / h Applicable area: 14-24 M2 Dual DC engine, low power consumption + high efficiency conversion + long life Low noise purification, rest assured sleep Air quality indicator light, filter replacement Exquisite shape, exquisite fashion.

Above are s the most popular desktop air purifier manufactured by Olansi factory in 2021 and will be the hot sale and top selling styles in 2022.

Olansi is new high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D, production, sales and service of health home appliances. We independently develop and produce air purifier series, water purifier series, hydrogen rich product series, beauty instrument and other health appliances, which are sold well in more than 30 provinces and cities in China, Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and other regions abroad, so that users all over the world can enjoy a healthy, beautiful and high-quality life.

If you are interested in the above styles, you are welcome to consult, we will provide detailed information and quality customer service.

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