Air Purifier free

Air Purifier free

In fact, despite the air purifier on the market it claimed the name, type, function varies, but traced, primarily no more than two from the air purifier working principle point of view:
One is passive adsorption filter air purifier works. Passive air purification, with the fan draws air into the machine, filtered air through the built-in screen, can play a major filter dust, odor and disinfection action. This filter air purifiers use more HEPA filter + carbon filter + photocatalyst (cold catalyst, how far catalyst) + UV sterilizer + electrostatic adsorption filters and other methods to deal with air. HEPA filter in which the role of filter dust particles, other activated carbon adsorption odor major role, therefore, it can be seen on the market with a fan filter, photocatalyst, UV, static electricity, and other various labels, it seems very confusing works air purifier used basically the same, are passive adsorption filter air purifier.

The second is the principle of active air purification works. Active class air purifiers and air purifiers double purification class on the market generally choose a proactive purification technology. The market’s major silver ion purification technology, negative ion technology, low-temperature plasma technology, photocatalyst technology and Plasmacluster technology. Active air purification principles and fundamental difference between passive air purification principle is that active air purifiers to get rid of the restrictions fan and filter, not passive waiting room air is drawn into the purifier to filter purification, after again through the fan discharge, but effective, proactive release factor to air purification sterilization, characteristics diffuse through the air to reach every corner of the room for no dead air purification. Technically mature active purification technology is mainly used as a purification factor of negative oxygen ions air handling and use of ozone as a purifying process air factor two kinds. Both are typical purification principle based on active work carried out an air purifier.

Purification Demand Class
(1) pure of type.
If the indoor humidity is located in the region more moderate or air quality requirements are not too high, then buy pure type of air purifier to meet demand [1].
(2) purification humidification type.
If you are located in the drier areas, air conditioning is often caused by indoor air conditioning and dehumidifiers to air dry, or higher air quality requirements, then buy an air purifier with humidification purification function, will be the most suitable choice .
(3) intelligent.
If you like automation, intelligent monitoring air quality, or reflect the noble taste, or for gifts needs more decent, then buy a smart air purifier is the best choice.
(4) desktop.
That is placed on the desktop, the desktop clean air within a certain range around the protection of human health near the desktop air purifier. If the front of the computer, front desk, or desk, but which is not a small indoor area, or in public places, their own money to buy a large air purifier and worthwhile, not fashion, the desktop type air purifier is the better choice.
(5) and medium-sized.
Mainly applied to larger indoor applications, such as within the family hall, senior bank office, a senior executive offices, an important lecture hall conference hall, hotels, hospitals, beauty salons, kindergartens and other occasions.
(6) central air conditioning system type.
Mainly applicable to install a central air-conditioning, ceiling or have a single room or multiple rooms together purification conditions.

Classified according purification
Low temperature plasma asymmetric
Low temperature plasma asymmetric module, through the high-pressure, high-frequency pulse discharge plasma is formed asymmetric electric field, so that a large number of progressive air collision between a plasma. Produce an electrochemical reaction, toxic gas and live viruses, bacteria and other rapid degradation, thus efficient antivirus, sterilization, to smell, smoke, dust, and no toxic substances, known as the 21st century, most of Environment and Health Sciences look forward to high-tech. Be human coexistence, while purifying without staff leave; energy consumption, up to 80% energy savings; lifelong free washable. Virus disinfection with fast, super-purification capacity, efficient eliminate the odor, eliminate static function, increasing oxygen content.
The main products are air fresheners (car perfume), its low price, but can only cover some odor, and complex chemical reactions take place under the sun, a new car pollution, can not eliminate the harmful gases.
Chemical decomposition
The main works ionizer ozone generator, its low price, features more than fresheners, can increase the number of ions in the air and reduce airborne solid dust, bactericidal effect, but the decomposition of formaldehyde and other harmful gases have little effect. Ozone generators produce high concentrations of ozone in killing bacteria, some viruses and may also kill human white blood cells, it has led to the possibility of cancer, ions easily absorb dust, which adheres to the inner wall of the cabin ceiling, leading to the interior compartment especially shallow car color will gradually become gray and black.
Adsorption, volatilization
Based on Chinese herbal medicine purification medium, low prices, have some antibacterial function, but will not achieve the basic herbal purification in the solid state, cleaner use only small amounts of herbal ingredients, not only saturated after sterilization and easy to bacteria reproduction body, replaced the filter sound disposal difficulties involved.
Activated carbon filters, can absorb in a short time certain bacteria and dust and harmful gases, low prices, certain bacteria and can filter dust adsorption function, but no selective adsorption of water absorption rate of 45%, generally a month after saturation can be achieved in need of replacement. We can not be recycled. Not only can not reach saturation after sterilization and easily become the breeding of bacteria. Replaced the filter also relates difficult sound disposal.
Multi-layer filtering
Mainly for compound purification, filtering effect is better, it can significantly reduce airborne solid dust, but the price is higher, and the filter means requiring replacement after a period of use, not regenerate, almost no effect on the harmful gases. Supplies, high cost. Replaced the filter sound disposal difficulties involved.
Catalytic decomposition
Mainly photocatalyst purification, can break down some of the harmful gas, the price is relatively low, but still at an experimental stage photocatalyst technology is not yet mature, the photocatalyst must rely on the sun’s ultraviolet irradiation to produce effects, using an ultraviolet lamp easy to damage, change frequently, at the same time ultraviolet radiation on the human body, plastic harm.
Adsorption filter
Mainly with sparse crystal colloidal silica zeolite filter media. The effect is obvious to completely remove benzene, xylene, chloroform and other harmful gases, does not adsorb water and air can effectively absorb a variety of harmful gases, adsorption capacity, regeneration can be used once a year and a half. Filter material using a simple method using a desorption regeneration, no new pollution sources. Material life for ten years and therefore low maintenance costs, not to reduce the role of dust in the air of solid, high-cost disposable products than other products.

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