Global Nuclear Air Filtration Industry 2016 Forecasts

Global Nuclear Air Filtration Industry 2016 Forecasts

Nuclear industry plays a vital role in global power generation and defense sectors. Air cleaning system is a key component of the nuclear installations such as power generation units, fuel processing installations, nuclear energy research facilities and waste management. The new report from GlobalData on ‘Global Nuclear Air Filtration Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2016’ provides in-depth analysis and forecasts of the use of air filter components in the nuclear installations, major players in the nuclear air filter industry and the global air filter industry’s growth trajectory. As the reemergence of nuclear industry in the global energy arena indicates a significant growth of nuclear power facilities and associated industries, nuclear air filter industry also is set to mark a notable upward trend in years to come. The nuclear air filter industry will evince increasing demand for air filtration products as the environmental norms in major nuclear power producing countries demand greater responsibility from the owners and operators in terms of minimizing radioactive air pollution.

The report analyses market opportunities and challenges for the nuclear air filtration equipment makers in global arena.

Growth forecasts and market shares of key players in global Nuclear air filter industry.Explores the growth drivers in nuclear air filter sector in major nuclear power producing countries. Analyses the challenges and opportunities for the major players in the global nuclear air filtration industry.In-depth analysis of the potential growth in global nuclear industry during 2000-2016. Analyses the regional trend in nuclear air filtration industry.Analyses the potential market expansion opportunities for major market players in the nuclear air filtration industry.

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