Use an air purifier Highlights Misunderstandings

Use an air purifier Highlights Misunderstandings

At present, China’s household air purifier has a rate of less than 1%, while the United States, Japan and other developed countries can reach 27% and 17% share.

Read this set of data, small suddenly realized, no wonder the world face with so many manufacturers have produced air purifiers, the original of this considerable market potential.

Air purifier new national standard introduced

From this month, an air purifier new national standard into effect.

First, the new national standard clear indicators of the impact of the four core air purifier purifying effect, that the amount of clean air (CADR), the cumulative amount of purification (CCM), energy efficiency and noise level standards, which will become an important indicator of consumers to buy cleaner important data.

Secondly, the new national standard products identified two common signs performance characteristics flag: a universal symbol is provided in addition to the normal electrical flags, but also marked product maintenance and cleaning of filter replacement text prompts. This requirement for expertise not know much about the consumer, has a very practical guidance in the use of functional appliances. Another is the performance characteristics of the sign shall contain: Cumulative purge amount accumulation purification amount (CCM) clean air volume (CADR), particulate matter, gaseous pollutants (optional standard), clean energy efficiency, noise, for an area (check marks).

These flags are clearly labeled so that consumers in the purchase of products, eliminating the need to distinguish complex test report, no doubt solve a major problem of consumers when purchasing.

● Use errors one

Air Purifier against the wall

I believe that many consumers buy air purifiers, the majority of users it will be placed against the wall. You do not know that, in order to achieve the desired effect of the whole house purification, air purifier should be away from the walls or the furniture, the best place in the house or at least away from the central wall of 1.5 to 2 meters. Otherwise cleaner airflow generated will be blocked, leading to purify range of smaller, performance deteriorated. In addition, against a wall will adsorption hidden in the corner of the dirt, the impact of cleaner life.

●Use errors two

Purifier good with people from the past

When the cleaner work, harmful gases around more, so do not be put off too close to people, but also appropriate to put high to avoid the reach of children. Electrostatic adsorption type of cleaner, working to make air pollutants adsorbed on the electrode plate. However, if the design is reasonable enough, there will be a small amount of ozone is released, more than a certain amount irritate the respiratory system. When using this cleaner, had better not stay in the room, and after the house will close, because ozone can quickly restore the space, not long persist.

● Use errors three

Half did not change a filter

Like dirty masks have to change, as the air purifier filter should be replaced. Even in better air quality, the use of the filter can not be more than six months, otherwise it will release harmful substances after adsorption filter saturation, have become the “source of pollution.”

● Use errors four

Next put a humidifier purifier

Many of my friends both at home humidifier, air purifier there are many users in the use of air purifiers, when at the same time open the humidifier. In fact, it has been found that if the humidifier on the air purifier next purifiers indicator alarm occurs, the air quality index is also rising rapidly, it seems that the two together will be interference. If you add in a humidifier is not pure water, but tap water, because the water contains more minerals, impurities, chlorine in the water molecules and microbes may vary atomized mist humidifier blowing air, forming pollution. If higher water hardness, with a white powder mist may also indoor air pollution. Therefore, we recommend that if you need to turn on the humidifier and air cleaner, be sure to leave enough distance.

● Use errors five

Usually do, haze genius open purifier

Popular air purifier is due to persistent fog and haze caused. However, the air is clean, it is not the only cause haze pollution, dust, odors, bacteria, chemical fumes and so will adversely affect the human body, and the role of the air purifier is the cleanup of these harmful pollutants. Especially for new home just decoration, home has air sensitive frail elderly, children and other vulnerable populations, the air purifier was able to play a role. Of course, if the weather outside is sunny, it is recommended that everyone’s interior more ventilation, and maintain a certain humidity, so that fresh air can flow up indoors. Sometimes such indoor air quality than the annual open air purifier cleaner.
● Use errors six

Air purifiers show excellent, I would not have
Air purifier is generally not high power consumption, power consumption mainstream products are generally no more than 70W, is very energy efficient. When the air quality is poor, use cleaner see display excellent air quality, please do not close immediately purifier, propose to slow the 1 to 2 hours before turning off better.

● Use errors seven

Open air purifier certainly useful

Indoor pollution, the impact of factors there are many sources of pollution, not only rely on air purifiers. If you encounter persistent haze, you should first close the windows, open the door as little as possible, to create interior into a relatively closed space; secondly, adjust the indoor temperature and humidity conditions, the relative humidity in winter can be enhanced by humidifiers, sprinkler, etc., not to interior dusting. Use an air purifier would be more effective in this case. Otherwise, pollution will continue to come in through the window, even if the air purifier has been turned on effect will be greatly reduced.

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