Buy HEPA air purifier often see what on earth is

Buy HEPA air purifier often see what on earth is

HEPA“, the people often browse the web for the word will not be particularly strange, air purifier, the word is often mentioned, and vacuum cleaners, in addition to mites instrument such as household appliances, has used the HEPA filter technology, called “sea,” it is transliterated, however…Is it what for?It with afraid of be relatives?With fear, it is a little relationship, its purpose is to let you no longer afraid of bad air!

What is it?
HEPA filter is capable of handling of dry type high efficiency air filters, there are many kinds of composition of HEPA material, can be divided into PP (polypropylene) high efficiency filter paper, PET filter, PP and PET composite efficient filter paper and glass fiber efficient filter paper.The PP (polypropylene) is paper, so generally can’t wash.Another part of the HEPA filter using PET or PTFE material, this also is many claim that the origin of the washing HEPA filter on the net, but the PET’s efficiency is very low.

What are the characteristics of it ?
HEPA is mainly used to capture particles of dust and all kinds of suspended solids under 0.5 um.Use made of super fine glass fiber paper, offset paper, aluminum membrane materials, such as partition board, with wooden frame aluminum alloy agglutination, the use of special silicone rubber, no smell, not surface hardening, long time also won’t have crack, stable chemical performance, corrosion resistance, can absorb heat bilges cold shrink stress without cracking, moderate hardness, good elasticity.

What are the advantage of it?
1. The mesh single high purification efficiency.
2. With air purification rate and the decrease of the using time is relatively slow.
3. Efficient HEPA filter can realize intercept to the main virus.
Its filtering mechanism?

Including four.
1. The first is the interception mechanism, work on big particles.
2. The second mechanism for gravity, small volume density of particles, velocity decreases as it passed the HEPA filter, natural sedimentation on the HEPA, this process is similar to the water and sediment in the downstream of the river sedimentation process.
3. The third mechanisms of HEPA filter, air flow.Uneven because of HEPA filter mesh weaving, to form the air vortex, ultra small particles affected by the cyclone adsorption on the HEPA filter, filtering purposes.
4. The fourth kind of filtering mechanism of superfine particles in Brownian motion under the action of impact to the HEPA filter fiber affected by van der Waals force, filtered.

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