Home air purifier:what we need is the best olansi air purifier to protect us

Home air purifier:what we need is the best olansi air purifier to protect us

The air pollution is still in the red alert in so many places. We just cannot ignore it and we have to find the way to let our bodies far away from the air pollution. What we need is the best air purifier to protect us.

How to select the air purifier

Look for the CADR value and CCM, the bigger the better.

On March 1, 2016 of the supposedly “air purifier” in the national standard, clear the basic technical indexes of air purifier, including “clean air quantity” (hereinafter referred to as CADR value) and the cumulative amount of purification (CCM). Select the air purifier and purification of indoor air area as well as the factors associated with the degree of indoor air pollution. We should focus on CADR value (m3 / h), namely the ratio of air purifier purify air output, with its divided by 10 area is suitable for purification of indoor air.

Indoor air per hour for three or four times, and general building about 3 meters high, therefore the CADR value divided by 10. If indoor air pollution is more, there are such as Numbers or raising small animals, should choose appropriate CADR value is higher. For different pollutants, air purifier CADR value is different. In view of the haze, for example, needs to focus on for PM2.5 CADR value.

CCM value refers to the durability of the oem air purifier, is the use of mesh can carry pollutants accumulated amount. The higher the value of CCM, the longer the life of the filter. CCM value is an important factor decided the price of air purifier.


How to keep the indoor environment

Doors and windows closed, reducing indoor smoke . Opening the windows when the air is good in a timely manner.


Which air purifier is your best choice


1.We adopt high quality PP cotton filter, you silly thoroughly remove residues in water, rust, sand, suspended solids, sundry.

2.Efficient activated carbon KDF filter daughter-in-law ability strong, fast filtering, purification, to smell.

3. Ion exchange resin filter, remove the fouling, the dirt, make the hard water into soft water.

4. Natural medical stone filter No harm to human body, can effectively purify the water quality, it contains potassium, necessary for human body, strontium, lithium, zinc, molybdenum, such as a dozen intends to trace elements to the human body.

5. High-energy biochemical ceramic filter, release the intentional minerals to human body, through strong gas energy change sleep score substructure.

6. Negative potential antioxidant filter, high-energy activated water, has the ultra low REDOX potential, is now the lowest in drinking water is good for clear free radicals.

7.Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane filter, remove bacteria was 99.9%, and thoroughly clean polymer, organic matter, and so on.

8. High magnetic resonance two-circuit magnetizing filter, after magnetization of water, oxygen, osmotic pressure, surface tension, the solubility of salts and other properties are changed.

9. AT light wave energy conversion filter, activate the nucleic acid protein biological macromolecules activities, to restore the body balance function.

10. Special crystallite carbon filter, silver antibacterial, eliminate peculiar smell, color, add loading silver technology, restrain the growth of the bacteria, while improving taste the taste of water is more sweet.

For your healthy,we sincerely suggest our Olansi air purifier to you,it can improve your indoor air quality.Olansi air purifiercontain OEM Air purifier,China Air purifier,Home air purifier,hepa air purifier and so on.


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