Parents push schools to install air purifiers

Parents push schools to install air purifiers

With Shanghai suffering one of its worst bouts of pollution, concerned parents, worried about their children’s health, are urging schools to install air purifiers in classrooms.

Parents said the purifiers are necessary after Shanghai’s pollution hit a record high with both the air quality index and PM2.5 density soaring to new highs .

Weihai and Fortune kindergartens, Soong Ching Ling School and Shanghai United International School have already installed air purifiers in some of their classrooms.

Jiang Yayun, the mother of a two-year-old child, said her daughter has been coughing for two months and doctors had told her it was due to pollution.

Jiang and other parents with similar problems then approached the principal of Fortune Kindergarten and urged the school to buy air purifiers, which they think is better than having doing nothing at all.

“Not many of us know how the air purifier works and if they can really improve the environment,” the principal, surnamed Tong, said. “But I think installing air purifier is necessary since hazy days are no longer occasional in Shanghai.”

Tong said parents were very anxious about their children’s health.

The school installed purifiers in some classrooms.


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