Tips for Air Purifier

Air purifier now popular, massive publicity and dazzling products people do not know how to choose. However, air purifiers although powerful, but failed TV refrigerator into the ordinary people of the same family. Many consumers only see exaggerated advertising, but the concept of an air purifier but still very vague.

First understand air purifiers have to start from a number of technical terms, what it is PM2.5? That is fine particulate matter known as PM2.5 fine particles, fine particles. It refers to fine particulate matter in ambient air aerodynamic equivalent diameter less than or equal to 2.5 micron particles, also known as PM2.5, particulate matter into the lungs. The main source of indoor PM2.5 is familiar second-hand smoke is a major source of PM2.5 outdoor automobile exhaust and industrial exhaust, in addition, PM2.5 is one of the recent scares haze main culprit.

We often hear, what with the air purifier inextricably anion is it? Negative ions “air vitamin” reputation, increasing the concentration of negative ions in the air can make people feel refreshed, breathing smooth, clear-headed, so that the body’s cells to restore vitality and promote human metabolism, reduce fatigue, increase resistance, etc.
Understanding these basics we take a look at three types of air purifiers. The first is a single active purification, it works actively releasing factor into the air purification sterilization, the air will spread through the characteristics of each corner of the room to purify the purification factor of sterilization technology currently on the market are mainly silver ion technology, negative ion technology, low-temperature plasma technology, photocatalyst technology and Plasmacluster ion technology, but because of the purification efficiency and reduce vulnerability to the impact of air flow, so the market less purifiers alone.
Another double purification, is a technology and active purification techniques like passive purification of the perfect combination to achieve high efficiency, high quality purification effect, but because of higher costs and greater technical difficulty, it is generally present in strength brand of high-end purifier.
With the increasing emphasis on air quality, combined with the modern needs of the car clean air, now extends more air purifiers car purifiers. Car purifier, also known as car air purifier, car air purifier, car air cleaner, a means designed to purify the air inside the car smell, toxic gases, bacteria, viruses and other vehicle pollution of air purifiers. Car purifier works and home works similar, but to improve the purification efficiency, cleaner car more general use dual-mode (active + passive) Purification.

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