More important to master the purchasing skills in air purifier

More important to master the purchasing skills in air purifier

Under the haze, the air purifier industry is the biggest beneficiary, but many residents are the biggest victims of the air purifier sales rising year by year, the air purifier brands on the market, but the words heat air purifier the surge, what “top ten air purifier, air purifier, air purifier which is best” “a good brand”… .


First, just live in the new house should choose what kind of air purifier?

Live in new users is one of the major consumer groups of air purifier, formaldehyde, and repair the residual toluene, ammonia and radioactive radon, will cause great harm to the human body, must be removed. This is also the reason why they buy air purifiers. So, what kind of air purifier remove harmful gas effect is good? In fact, for harmful gas, the air purifier mainly adopts two ways, one is a kind of adsorption, degradation. Adsorption is on the screen, wherein the activated carbon filter, cold catalyst filter, good photocatalyst filter screen effect. Because these methods have been used for many years, have confirmed the adsorption effect of formaldehyde and other harmful gases. So, the screen more layers, the adsorption effect of formaldehyde gas is better. But the degradation is accomplished in a negative ion, most of the current air net Which brand have been equipped with a negative ion generator, the effect is similar.

Two, haze siege consumers how to choose air purifier?

Suspended particles containing more haze, in which PM2.5 and PM0.3 harm to human body, that is 2.5 microns in diameter and suspended particles less than 0.3 microns. For these particles, but also the use of the filter and the negative ion to purify. Particulate matter is mainly composed of HEPA filter to filter the filter aperture is smaller, the better on the filtration effect of particles. But for the air purifier, HEPA filter is the core, one of the highest cost components. So the air purifier HEPA filter selection is more advanced, the purification ability of corresponding stronger.

Three, how to choose a strong bactericidal air purifier?

Some people are afraid of indoor bacteria and virus harm to their breeding and buy air purifier. For bacteria and other microorganisms, are generally used to degrade the negative ion air purifier, Hansi Dun is also equipped with ultraviolet sterilization system, further improve the effect of killing bacteria.

Summary: These are some important matters consumers should pay attention to in the selection of air purifiers. If there’s no single demand, in the purchase of air purifiers, still have to pay attention to the comprehensive performance, the best parameters can reach a higher level, so as to fully play the purification effect of the machine.

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