Here’s how to go for a suitable air purifier

Like it or not, living in a large city means that you and your family are being exposed to airborne contaminants on a daily basis. What’s more, indoor air can be even more toxic in some cases owing to concentration over time. Here are some of the options you have to help you make an informed choice.

There’s no debate that the air in some of our cities is toxic. In fact, 13 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in India. Some of the smaller cities don’t get much attention but in reality, they are up there with the worst on the list. A 2014 WHO report listed Patna, Gwalior, Raipur, Ahmedabad and Lucknow as some of the worst. A common argument against air purifiers is— “you can’t live in a bubble. You have to go out and breathe the air anyway, so why bother.” But here’s why you need one. On average, a person takes 1,000 breaths an hour. A majority of that time is spent indoors. If you can breathe cleaner air for even 12 hours, you cut your exposure to harmful air by 50%. You reduce your risk by 50%.


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