How to buy an air purifier and use?

       Online shopping is not air purifier products live experience, so we need access to detailed product parameters, and purifiers purify particulate size is more important data. It represents the pollutant removal ability, in general we know is PM2.5, in fact, our body is actually harmful PM0.33 particles, it is also the spread of viruses and bacteria in the air carrier. Only the smaller the particle diameter of purification, in order to prove that not only air purifier purification efficiency of fast, but also strong purification capacity, the longer the life of the filter.
Consumers before buying, need to carefully view the product information, some brands only minus PM2.5, also having reduced formaldehyde, humidification, dehumidification, increase negative ions and other functions, also added some other high-tech intelligent operating modes, according to the actual needs, be aware of. Online shopping consumers in the air purifier may be based on prices and features, targeted purchase, but must remember: you pay for, purifying effect purifier, product quality and its price is directly proportional of.
Air purifiers online shopping, remember to store and communicate about the brand aftermarket. Because purifying filters need to be replaced after the expiration of the service life, the products have any questions also need to find aftermarket resolved, it is recommended that the user selects improve service enterprise products.
Whether online or offline purchase an air purifier. A high-quality air purifiers should have efficient purification efficiency; additional features for their own; perfect after-sales service. Look to buy the brand on the one hand, in fact, truly thoughtful consideration for customers is also very important: Fan Luoshi suitable for different places and different groups of people, the introduction of dedicated maternal, household and medical grade air purifier. Able to select, it is also very good on the one hand           Note placement: air purifier try not to put in place close to the wall or furniture, the best location in the center of the house opposite. Also, do not put too close to the body from the place, especially the electrostatic adsorption type air purifier, must be appropriate to put high to avoid the reach of children. If smoking is to purify purifier, you can close some of the distance smokers.

        Often change place Location: Transform purifier position so that each position of the family have been purified.
       Do not disassemble the machine: Some air purifier, due to its high internal voltage, should be used with its maintain a certain distance, remember Do not disassemble the machine is powered.
Purification note: A lot of the purifier has a display, if the display has poor air quality, you should find out the reasons, the machine is a problem, or sensor is contaminated. Once you find the problem, should be promptly repaired or cleaned.


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