How to keep the air in the car fresh? Is it necessary to buy car air purifier?

Is it necessary to buy car air purifier?

Answer: it’s necessary, because there are really many pollution sources in the new car, especially in the later stage of soft footmats and other kinds of pollutants;

The formaldehyde in the interior of the new car is mainly derived from roof felts, seat skins, plastic parts of automobile dashboards, and plastic materials used for fillers and other decorations. Benzene comes from adhesives. Formaldehyde is relatively harmful, and the release period of formaldehyde is as long as three years, so you must always adhere to the treatment. You can try the following methods:

  1. Ventilation and lighting:

After the new car arrives, you should open the doors and windows of the car to let the formaldehyde on the new car dissipate. If so, it can be exposed to the sun for a few days. Hazardous substances such as formaldehyde will accelerate to precipitate under the sun.

Note: The method of adsorption with activated carbon is not suitable for new cars, because after activated carbon adsorbs formaldehyde, the rate of adsorption of formaldehyde by activated carbon decreases at high temperatures, and the rate of formaldehyde release increases on the contrary, which will cause secondary pollution . Ye Guangni is an upgraded material of activated carbon to avoid this problem.

  1. Reduce sources of formaldehyde odor

The plastic protective film itself will generate odors, and the interior decoration of the car will be covered by the plastic protective film, and the odor in it will not be able to be emitted as soon as possible. At this time, spraying some light chlorophyll, the nanomolecules can penetrate deep into the material and decompose formaldehyde from the root. Reaching true governance. This is a safe and harmless pure plant extract.

  1. The interior decoration of the car should not be premature.

Many friends buy a new car and eager to install various software just like buying a new mobile phone. Do n’t decorate prematurely after you buy a new car, because leather products such as seat cushions and foot pads in new cars will also produce odors, so I bought them. It is best to leave the new car for a while, and then decorate it after the odor is emitted.

  1. Air purifier:

Car purifiers are not expensive, and their formaldehyde adsorption capacity is higher than that of bamboo charcoal. In addition to purifiers that can purify formaldehyde, some purifiers can also filter other impurities and toxic and harmful substances, and continue to create a good air environment.

Olansi Car Air purifier  

Saving money in a small place and spending money in a big place are many people’s living principles. But in fact, if you spend money small, you can save a lot of money. Pollution of the air environment in the car will cause us health risks and may also cause traffic accidents. Either way, it is a matter of spending a lot of money. With an air purifier, things that cost a lot of money are eliminated. Olansi K05 is a car air purifier that is trusted by car owners. It is also a highly praised car air purifier. The advantage of this product is that the brand is a technology-driven high-tech company Olansi with a research and development background. It has more than ten years of air and net research and development history, has a large number of patents, and has unparalleled technical advantages for purifying air pollutants. Olansi uses its excellent technical strength to ensure the efficient removal of formaldehyde and ensure the air quality in the car in real time. The configuration of this air purifier can avoid many accidents and unnecessary risks.

Olansi car air purifier  is a high performance and efficient car air purifier, equipped with HEPA filter element, long life, can remove PM 2.5 particles, coconut shell carbon fiber activated carbon particle layer and HEPA composite filter more It removes dust particles and formaldehyde and toluene, and is also equipped with an anion generator, which has high efficiency in bacteria removal. This has a very good function for the management of interior quality. Miniature appearance and 360-degree air intake, efficient and low noise.

Now that you have spent a lot of money buying a good car and a new car, it is also an inevitable action to configure an air purifier. Only when you have a healthy air environment in the car can you use the car without worry and drive safely, and enjoy the wonderful life of a car.

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