Air Purifier: do practical things more important than the brand of storytelling do not “up in the wind.”

Air purifier market is a tempting big “cake”, since the explosive growth after 2013 has entered its fourth year. Gfk Retail observed test data, in 2016 the market continued the 2015 outbreak of high-speed, one quarter of the overall air purifier market model of 1421, representing an increase of 420. As can be seen, in the face of unprecedented market, a variety of so-called dark horse counterattack, cutting-edge in the upper story of this industry is still constantly clamored.
Specifically, in the air purifier market in addition to Samsung, Haier, Philips, Yadu, ambitious, Sharp and other traditional brands, the past year, but the emergence of millet, cheetah Internet companies reached the industry. They seem to stand on top of a large environmental improvement or healthy air.
But in my opinion, of which there are too many hasty departure, hastily launched, crazy concept of speculation. Although the brand is in the same big air, but still want to remind you: storms have come, both opportunities and challenges, “do the brand, do practical things than storytelling, and more important than the concept.” If you just blindly Herd mouth storytelling, rather than based on the product, it is likely to fall into the abyss, and ultimately defeat into being.
Speculators still in the air, “fish in troubled waters.”
Needless to say, the huge potential of the domestic market empty net products. Air purifier hundred families in the domestic market share is generally not high, well below Japan, Korea and Europe. Standing on the air, you can really fly, but how safe landing and fly again? This is a key issue. On the air purifier in the field, although the user is just required, but the industry’s brand too much, frequent problems. Earlier, in the market selling a known German air purifier brand Connery was exposed in fact is a small “black factory” in Foshan, Guangdong province in the “indigenous” manufactured. Philips, Sharp, and other Asian brands have been repeatedly detected vacuity serious.
Although the country earlier this year for air purification promulgated the “new national standard,” but so far, no fundamental solution to the empty net industry “chaos like.” A large number of low-quality brand products and white still entering the market, shoddy, which will undoubtedly make the user industry as a whole is gradually sprouted conflict.
In addition, many players seem squeezed in, the air became a pig, but could not land, you use once, found deceived, it will never purchased, thus creating a negative word of mouth effect. Indeed, to be in so many air purifiers Enterprise fore, marketing, hype, storytelling, often become a lot of profit-oriented enterprises choice. These are just the outlet of speculators, it is difficult to succeed. Therefore, the key determinant of success is truly capture the user, but to capture the user, the most essential is the perfect product, the real value to the user.

The establishment of consumer demand is king
Follow this industry friends all know, the beginning of the state promulgated the ability to measure air purifiers new GB standard, there are just a lot “over the line” manufacturers began to chuckle, ignoring the practical experience to configure the low-end price war using the empty net consumer products are not familiar with, understand and hype.
It is true that taking the low strategy should not be criticized, but at a low price, but the name of “I in the world” as a pretense, somewhat exaggerated.
In fact, when some of the air purifier companies interested in speculation, tell marketing story, there are some manufacturers of the industry and is positioning itself to have a clear understanding, and based on such positioning down to work, Samsung is one of a .
Since March this year, the new national standard promulgated by the State for an empty net product CADR, CCM, energy performance level, the noise value these four basic indicators of a clear specification, but the product really can do four indices identifiable confidence to show their own brand manufacturers are few. Samsung as an empty net in the field of established players made a good example, empty net product of Samsung’s high-end product line, not only do the four indices identifiable, and much higher than the new national standard standards, the most high-end 7000 series of air purification CCM value of the new national standard or even ten times; on the other hand, the Samsung air purifier in the field with many years of accumulation, with a sound production and sales system continuously. According to statistics, Samsung has established R & D institutions in 36 regions, 38 production sites and more than 70,000 R & D personnel continued product development and innovation Charge, it is deep inside to be able to support any face for Samsung changes in the market, can respond flexibly, ease, and even one step ahead.
According to Gfk report showed that domestic air purifier market is the line, led by Samsung dominated by foreign brands, they occupy 80% of the retail sales of the line. Why users will pay for them? Precisely because it is. Any changes in the market trends are inseparable consumer demand driven only by maintaining strong product strength in the numerous changes in the market, to meet the real needs of consumers and make a differentiated marketing initiatives. These are benevolent development.
Overall, since 2013, under the haze in the “new normal”, the domestic air purifier consumer awareness and consumption habits it is not very mature, a lot of air purifiers players can easily “relying”, lying down the income-generating livelihoods. But by now, from the point of view of the current market revealed a signal, under Samsung, Sharp and other major game brands, domestic air purifier market is becoming more rational, consumer awareness of the product is also increasingly empty net deep, pure the concept of the era will end, will further sink the sales network, brand, technology, channels, sale, and other factors become the key factor in consumers to buy or not.
Next, the air purifier industry is bound to lead to a knockout, and the brand has some honors product quality clearance will have more opportunities to have more initiative, or will usher in a new development opportunity

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