Air purifier green standards drafted

Since March this year, the new national standard air purifier embodiment, the empty net market chaos scene has been standardized, the new national standard of governance is thus called the market a punch. Recently, media reports from the Ministry of Environmental Protection Environmental Certification Center was informed that the national air purifier industry’s first green product standard is expected in the second half of this year officially promulgated.
The standard builds (GB / T18801-2015) the basis for the new national standard “air purifier“, the only clear rooms of different sizes used for the removal of PM2.5 air purifier products maximum purification indicators, noise, etc., further for the first time provides for purification of the indicator is muted products. Introduction of the standard for the majority of consumers choose the right air purifier products to provide evidence.
From now, the air purifier industry is a relatively young industry, however, a wide range of purification technology, market hot, but also a lot of problems. By the relevant authority of the department, a lot of product purification efficiency of the so-called high-performance less than advertised. In this context, air purifiers begin drafting a new national standard, and with the March 15, 2016 formally implemented. Less than a year to implement the new national standard air purifier industry’s first green product standards began to be drafted, the new standard is expected to be officially released later this year. The establishment and implementation of new standards or will accelerate the industry reshuffle.
Related Industry insiders said the new national standard air purifier formal implementation did not take long to begin drafting an empty net for green products standard, this standard, if implemented, under the catalysis of two standards, will empty net market right now to play a regulatory role in strengthening of guide consumers more rational selection of products, improve the quality of home appliances.

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