Information to buy air purifiers

 Air purifier shape composed mainly chassis shell, filtration segment, duct design, motors, power supplies, LCD displays. Decided life is the motor, determine the purification efficiency of the filter segment can decide whether a quiet duct design, chassis shell, filtration segment motor.
Air purifier is mainly composed of motors, fans, air filters, intelligent monitoring system components, some models of machine equipped with a water tank humidifying function, or secondary purification device, such as a negative ion generator, high voltage circuit. Air filter is one of the core components. Other purification apparatus actually played only a secondary function, the air filter is good or bad is a direct impact on the most critical factor is the effect of the air purifier.                                                                                               Buy air purifiers Tips
First, the filter. Good ability to filter materials (such as high-density HEPA filter) adsorption of pollutants up to 0.3 microns 99.9%.
Second, the purification efficiency. The rooms are large, you should choose the unit purge air volume air cleaner, for example, 15 square meters room air purification unit should select the amount of 120 cubic meters per hour of air purifiers.
Third, the service life. With purifying filter bile becomes saturated, the adsorption capacity of the purifier will fall, so consumers should choose a purification filter regeneration guts to extend its life.
Fourth, the pattern of the room. Air purifier inlet and outlet 360-degree circular design, but also the way in and out of the wind, to products placed on the pattern of the room without restriction, you can select the ring out of the wind design of the product.
Fifth, demand. Selected according to the type of contaminants need to purify air purifiers, HEPA soot, suspended particles, bacteria and viruses have a strong purification, catalytic activated carbon for odor and harmful gas purification was better.
Sixth, after-sales service. After purification filter failure bile manufacturers need to be replaced, it should choose the perfect after-sales service of the company’s products.

According to the purification demand points, air purifier can be divided into:
(1) pure of type. If the indoor humidity is located in the region more moderate or air quality requirements are not too high, then buy pure type of air purifier to meet demand.
(2) purification humidification type. If you are located in the drier areas, air conditioning is often caused by indoor air conditioning and dehumidifiers to air dry, or higher air quality requirements, then buy an air purifier with humidification purification function, will be the most suitable choice . LG air purifier next celebrity also has natural humidification technology, scientific and technological means to achieve vaporization of water through the windmill or a disc filter is rotated to eliminate harmful substances left in the tray, and emits only clean water molecules Superfine into the air.
(3) intelligent. If you like automation, intelligent monitoring air quality, or reflect the noble taste, or for gifts needs more decent, then buy a smart air purifier is the best choice.
(4) Vehicle type. If it is used to purify the air inside the car, the need for specialized purification car smell, formaldehyde and other automotive vehicle pollution, and can be placed in a specialized car air purifier, so the best choice for the automotive-type air purifier.
(5) desktop. That is placed on the desktop, the desktop clean air within a certain range around the protection of human health near the desktop air purifier. If the front of the computer, front desk, or desk, but which is not a small indoor area, or in public places, their own money to buy a large air purifier and worthwhile, not fashion, the desktop type air purifier is the better choice.
(6) and medium-sized. Mainly applied to larger indoor applications, such as within the family hall, senior bank office, a senior executive offices, an important lecture hall conference hall, hotels, hospitals, beauty salons, kindergartens and other occasions.
(7) central air conditioning system type. Mainly applicable to install a central air-conditioning, ceiling or have a single room or multiple rooms together purification conditions.
Air purifier in the home, medical, industrial fields have applications, home field to single class of home air purifier market mainstream products. The main function is to remove airborne particles, including allergens, indoor PM2.5, etc., but also can solve the interior decoration or due to other causes, underground space, interior volatile organic air pollution. Since the release of relatively closed space air pollutants are persistent and uncertainty characteristics, so the use of air purifiers indoor air is one of the internationally recognized method for improving indoor air quality.


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