8 Health Benefits Of An Anti-Bacterial Air Purifier With Hepa Filter

There are more air pollutants within our homes and around our businesses than there are outside, according to a journal that publishes environmental reports. A study was carried out in one of the states in America, and it was revealed that homes were like breeding grounds for over 500 separate airborne substances. It implies that many individuals are sniffing in dangerous substances every time they stay indoors. That can be a frightening revelation, which explains why environmental and green energy experts have been calling on individuals to purify their indoor air.

Olansi K04B air purifier

Olansi K04B air purifier

If we do not desire for our immune systems to be severely compromised by airborne substances, then we need to start looking out for air purification devices. Here are eight health benefits you stand to gain when you start using any anti-bacterial air purifiers.

  1. Air purifying systems get rid of allergens

If you sniff in pollen, dust, or even pet odor, there is an automatic reaction from your body that follows that action. And when your allergy antibodies are not strong enough to repel the act, an allergic response is the next natural thing that follows.

Air purifiers are capable of reducing pet odors as well as other pollutants that can result in allergy reactions. You must be, however, careful of the type of purifier you are buying. Stay away from air purifiers that use ozone as their primary component for neutralizing odor in the air.

  1. Air purifiers also get rid of asthma-causing triggers

Reliable studies have shown that you are most vulnerable to asthma attacks when you are inside your house. The home is where asthma triggers mostly occur. Elements like dust, dirt, household cleaners, carbon monoxide, air fresheners, cooking smoke, cosmetics, paint products, hair sprays, and perfumes make up these asthma triggers.

Also, cockroaches or mold pores can equally activate an asthma attack. If you do not get rid of these particles from the air you breathe, they could likely expose you to a possible asthma attack.

  1. Air purifiers remove asbestos particles.

This may sound trivial to you, but it isn’t. As a chemical and heat resistant mineral fiber, asbestos is being used for accomplishing various things like building materials. As good as asbestos, recent studies have revealed it as the chief source of lung-related cancer that has killed a good number of persons globally.

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify asbestos with the ordinary eyes as they are manufactured as odorless and colorless. Hence, your best bet for ridding the air you breathe of any asbestos is by having it go through a purifier.

  1. Air purifiers remove tobacco and cigarette smoke.

Inhaling cigarette smoke does not only expose you to lung threatening conditions, but it has also been linked to various heart diseases. So anyone who keeps breathing in cigarette smoke is not doing themselves any good. You should be concerned about cigarette smoke because secondhand smoke has been categorized as equally dangerous. With a HEPA filter and activated charcoal combo, you can remove harmful smoke particles from your indoor air.

  1. Air purifiers can reduce the levels of carbon dioxide within your house.

Every normal human being takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. That is the natural order of things. But if you find yourself in a place that is poorly ventilated or a confined space where you release more carbon dioxide than you take in oxygen, you are bound to face a health challenge sooner or later.

Excess carbon dioxide indoors can result in dizziness, nausea, unconsciousness, drowsiness, sweating, and other unpleasant effects. An air purifier can help you sort these out.

  1. Air purifiers removes radon gas.

Various lung cancers have been traced to their different causes. Whether you know it or not, radon, one of the most abundant inert gases on planet earth, has been discovered to cause lung cancer. Radon gas can penetrate your house through existing cracks. Radon gas levels need to be kept at a safe level at all times, so we don’t suffer the devastating health consequences.

There are different ways to reduce radon gas levels in our indoor spaces. They include sealing of cracks and using of air purifiers.

  1. Air purifiers gets rid of mosquitoes.

Insects are some of the things we should not tolerate in our homes. They are capable of exposing us to germs or even diseases. Many people apply insect sprays in their homes to get rid of insects. But the downside of doing so is that it leaves harmful toxins in the air. For those who prefer insecticides, you must understand that they are not as effective. Air purifiers are one of the most effective ways of guaranteeing an insect-free and air pollutant-free atmosphere. That way, you would have minimized your chances of getting malaria or any deadly disease, while keeping the air you inhale fresh.

  1. Air purifiers reduce contamination within health clinics and hospitals.

Health facilities are always sprayed with disinfectants to help eliminate any bacteria or viruses that lurk around the immediate surroundings. Although these disinfectants may do a seemingly good job in ridding such spaces of viruses or bacteria, they still leave the air poisonous with their toxic fumes. If these fumes can compromise your healthiness, then why use them in the first place?

Health facilities should switch to the use of HEPA air purifiers for purifying the surrounding air. Not only that, but doctors’ offices should also be equipped with these air purifiers. That way, everyone who steps into such an environment will be safe and comfortable at the same time.


As experts take part in ongoing research, revelations about air pollutants have been hard to ignore. These air pollutants have been responsible for so many health complications and deaths worldwide. The best thing we can do at the moment to avoid this health disaster is to purify the air we breathe indoors since we spend the more significant part of our time at home. A HEPA purifier can come in handy now.

Olansi K01A air purifier

Olansi K01A air purifier

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