How do I use my air purifier for the best results?

air flow in a room

This is a really, really key question that not enough people ask.

First, remember how air purifiers work.

The purifier’s fan circulates air around a room, pulling the air and airborne allergens towards the unit. The fan ultimately pulls the air directly through the unit where the filter captures the allergens. The resulting stream of pure air is returned into the room.

1. Coverage Area Impacts What Speed You Must Run It On
coverage area chart for air purifier

Air purifiers are built to clean the air in a certain size room and are most effective when they are used in rooms that match their coverage area.

Buying more coverage than you need is a good thing in the air purifying world, so don’t hesitate to go for a higher coverage area unit if you are in doubt.

Also, keep in mind that coverage areas are affected by the speed that you operate your purifier at; the maximum coverage area requires running the unit at the highest possible speed.

2. Placement Impacts Effectiveness

air purifier placement

We always recommend to start with putting an oem air purifier in your bedroom. You spend a lot of time in your bedroom and clean air is a great way to improve your sleep. Some people report that the noise from the fan in their unit also lulls them to sleep, but if you need a quieter experience, we can point you to units that work well at a whisper or below.

Be smart about where you put your unit. Watch the inlet and exit vents and make sure that the unit can adequately circulate air in and out of the unit.

3. Run It 24/7 for Maximum Effectiveness

air purifier usage chart

That’s right, don’t think about it, just run it!Air purifiers are most effective when they are in constant use. And if you are worried about energy consumption, see our page on Energy Star rated units. Air is always moving. Our testing has shown that a clean room can go back to being full of pollutants in as little as an hour! The coverage area rating for each unit is also calculated with this idea in mind, so keep it on and you’ll get the best possible resu

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