Indoor air is so dirty, Do you think air purifier is useless?

Indoor air is so dirty, Do you think air purifier is useless?

In recent years, the hottest words to say is haze PM2.5. From “under the dome” Chai Jing, the haze and PM2.5 are getting more and more people’s concern and attention, the source of haze and hazards are increasingly well known.

In outdoor people have brought up a mask to protect themselves from the injuries of haze, but most people do not realize there are actually indoor PM2.5, there are many other even more terrible pollutant than the haze of air pollution!

In fact, in addition to bacteria and viruses such as measles, there are a lot of indoor air pollutants. European and US health authorities pointed out that the severity of indoor air pollution is the outdoor air pollution two to five times (even up to 100 times the most severe)

Because of indoor air pollution, there are over 100 million people each year die from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Decoration pollution in China is as a unique class and a class of particularly serious pollution, the main pollutants called volatile organic compounds which produces (TVOC). People are more familiar with indoor air pollution caused by harmful gases, such as formaldehyde, benzene and toluene, xylene, TVOC, also belong to the category.

Indoor TVOC mainly are produced by building materials, interior decoration materials, and living&office products. Building materials such as plywood, foam insulation materials plastic sheets; interior decoration materials in the paint, adhesives, wallpaper, carpets.

World Health Organization (WHO), the US National Academy of Sciences / National Research Council (NAS / NRC) and other institutions have been emphasized TVOC is an important class of air pollutants.

Due to the relatively sealed indoor environment, extensive use of air conditioning, indoor chemical pollution and other reasons can easily create a variety of bacteria, fungi and microorganisms

In order to make more clean and healthy indoor air, allowing the body to be more a health security, hurry to buy air purifier it!

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