Air purifier Eight Problems

1.Air purifier can 24 hours of continuous open? Successive meetings does not create other problems?
As long as the fan life, wear, heat is no problem on the line. Since theoretically, any appliances are able to operate 24 hours without a break, but will have electrical service life, the life expectancy is calculated in accordance with time. For the purposes of air purifier, after a long time to open, the filter material loss is large, for example, could have a material for one year, six months or three months can only be used needs to be replaced. It was recommended to turn the machine on when no one when the machine is turned off. For example, the family has a long people at home children, the elderly, and sleep at night, be sure to turn on.
In one case, some electrostatic or plasma-discharge principle cleaner may generate a small amount of ozone in the course of a long-running can cause indoor ozone concentrations exceeding this cleaner is not recommended for 24 hours continuous use. It can be turned on for a long time there is an obvious outlet to discriminate odors.
2.Air purifier to clean indoor air value is how come by? Mainly on what basis? What can consumers can simply operable instruments detected?
Currently performance testing of the air purifier is based on national standards “air purifier” GB / T 18801, the air purifier is placed in a sealed test 30 m3 cabin, tested by the test purifier cabin pollutant removal, capacity calculation cleaner removal of various contaminants, such as clean air volume (cubic meters per hour, how much clean air generation).
May reflect purifiers effect concentration changes, to some extent, the use of portable test equipment before and after use to observe purifier on. But laboratory testing different consumer measures the actual results purifier (if accurate, then the instrument), and can not obtain purification products own performance, as actual results with the actual environment, ventilation and other factors have a relationship .
3.Bed purifier should be near or far away from the people? Air purifiers will produce radiation?
From the perspective of decontamination, the lower concentrations closer to the purifier outlet pollutants, but there will be close to a sense of hair, noise and other defects, and lower the room is small, much cleaner distance on the concentration in the room . We recommend air purifiers work best when it is a little far away from the people, because there may be air pollutants will adsorb to the surrounding purifier.
Good air purifier should be no radiation, because the manufactured products, it already considered the issue of radiation, noise, and other secondary pollution. But now because of the air purifier market is chaotic, the small brand, quality OEM products is difficult to ensure, as far as possible be able to recommend a little further away from the people.
4. Air purifier is not the amount of wind bigger and more effective? How to master when using?
From a professional point of view, the wind only air purifier numerous parameters in a parameter, not the wind gets better results, performance evaluation of the air purifier is CADR (clean air volume) = air flow × cleaner once through the purge efficiency, cleaner effect depends on both the amount of wind and the pollutant removal efficiency single pass.
When the high concentration of indoor pollutants, should open the amount of wind. Generally, the amount of wind reduction, CADR is also reduced, which is the purifying effect of variation. If a higher noise level, can be a concentration of indoor pollutants decreased after switching to low air flow, to reduce noise. Noise and several factors, one is the amount of wind, the greater the greater the amount of wind noise, because this is the voice of the wind; the second is the greater amount of wind, the faster the speed of the motor, the motor will produce noise; the third is the air purifier design problems, in part because the product is not good duct design, poor air flow is also prone to noise.
5. Number of space and purifier of how the ratio? How to determine the number purifier?
Now ordinary household cleaners can purify the space of about 20 square meters, no more than 30 square meters, so if the room is relatively large area, there should be at least two. Also it depends on the purification technology, if you are using passive adsorption technique may be applicable to a small space, if it is efficient filtration technology, for an area will be larger. Many factors affect the use of the area, the proposal is still in a small room with a larger purifiers on the market because most purification, almost all suitable for 20-30 square meters.
Currently Chinese Academy of household appliances are still studying the issue for an area of ​​purification, the initial conclusion is that for an area of ​​0.15 times the CADR (clean air volume). That CADR value of 100 m3 / h for the indoor area can be approximated as: 15 square meters. Advised consumers to choose the amount of clean air in more than 200 m3 / h, at 20-30 meters use is appropriate, if the CADR value lower than 200, or even less than 100, may purifying effect is very general.
6. Outdoor air purifying effect and there is no direct relationship? Life and there is no direct relationship?
Air purifier purifying effect and outdoor air is directly related to the degree of pollution and air cleaner outdoor air of life has a direct relationship. Since the outdoor air through windows into the room, indoor and outdoor high and low concentrations of PM2.5 concentration has significant correlation. Outdoor high concentrations, into the interior of PM2.5 also more purification process increases, it is possible to achieve the purifying effect worse, life will be shortened. As the air purifier principle is similar to a vacuum cleaner, which the pollutants in the air are sucked purifier inside, most of them in HEPA online. The air quality is poor, the heavy pollution, HEPA net damage faster.
If the outdoor air is dirty, it is recommended to the outermost layer of the window closed, because it is impossible to stop the flow of indoor and outdoor air, but you can minimize convection.
7. Filter replacement frequency should be how to judge? For no filter warning light purifier how to determine when to replace the filter?
Some purifiers alarm function, alarm function can be replaced according to product or tips. Replace the filter tips, some time is calculated, but in fact are often imprecise because the air quality is too poor, consumables life will be reduced. There are some better air purifier inside the prompting device using a pressure sensor, that is, when too many contaminants HEPA inside, it will produce air resistance, thereby initiating a pressure sensor, but generally not air purifiers It will be installed.
Some air purifiers can be opened to see, advised consumers to open their own within a certain time or contact the factory open, such as the former is white, are now black, is the need to change. In addition, if they feel have been blown out of the air is not clean or smell, is to have to change the filter.
8. DIY Network recently popular air purifiers, air purifiers have made this work?
DIY air purifier is not recommended, because of electrical safety hazards. In DIY operation, if done incorrectly, easily lead to leakage, overheating, fire, and so on.
It is undeniable, DIY air purifier can greatly reduce costs. Homemade cleaners, took a fan and then install a HEPA network is also effective, but the level of efficiency is not the same. Indeed because of the use of cleaner principle, but impossible to calculate purifying effect. DIY purifier purifying effect can not be compared with the professional cleaner, because the production of a professional cleaner to consider the life of the fan, air volume size, material number, etc., in addition to security, the use of reliability, we need serious consideration .

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