The hydrogence water in the cups after experience

The hydrogence water in the cups after experience

Japan has created a cup water in a great era, that is the hydrogen rich water, water and health care hydrogen era. In the process of using consumers are concerned: first use method, can use tap water, can not use hot water, will not drink, can charge a series of problems such as today the legend had hydrogen these problems thoroughly.

Water in the water could have water charging

The water cup is in Japan as in China and hydrogen rich hydrogen cups, cups, cups and other negative hydrogen term, there are three kinds of methods for hydrogen production in the domestic water in the cup, the first generation of chemically hydrogen charging, the other can usually be hydrogen charging. Coral calcium may occur after the cup but also do not need to charge.

In the initial use of water glass method

With boiling water or tap water to clean, see th


e instructions, you can use the manual, is quite easy to understand. If the specification is in Japanese (small series is not recommended by the Japanese Prime concentration water cup, the third generation of SPE proton exchange membrane in domestic water cup, and no residual chlorine and ozone). You should be able to recognize the charger, first put the glass charge. And then the cup up drinking water (note not tap water), you press the button on the cup, according to a 3 or 5 minutes by two hydrogen, 5 or 10 minutes of hydrogen production, the time to automatically shut down, long press may be forced shutdown.


Water can use tap water in the cup

Because of Japan’s tap water is drinkable, so use of drinking water in Chinese water in the cup, the boiling water or bottled water, bottled water and other drinks, such as cola if the juice is not used. Chinese tap water with chlorine disinfection, there may be water, chlorine and ozone in water will appear in the process of using, drink up with a smell.

Water can use hot water in the cup

The average Japanese love the cup body is made of food grade plastic, China generally put the cup body made of transparent high temperature durability safety glass with hot water. Boric acid on plastic accelerated aging effect, for the poor quality of the plastic with hot water, may precipitate BPA toxic substances. The first generation of water in water, using the method the hot water can accelerate the chemical hydrogen production, hydrogen production, other electrolytic method will also speed up the production function. But the higher the temperature, the hydrogen solubility in water is small, and the water in the water, function and effect of hydrogen water effect is hydrogen. And the third generation, hydrogen production method using SPE ion exchange membrane. No chlorine and ozone water has no effect on the function of hydrogen production, but the use of expensive membrane proton temperature highest do cannot exceed 90 degrees, the temperature is high, there is great harm to the SPE membrane life.

So in water cup can use hot water, the best and highest temperature control in 80 degrees, from the solubility of hydrogen, and the service life of the cup two considerations.

The water in question is really drink a cup

Now on the market a lot of water in the cup, in accordance with the hydrogen production methods can be divided into two categories, chemical and electrolytic, including electrolytic electrolysis. But most common electrolysis and SPE proton exchange membrane electrolytic hydrogen oxygen separation, the electrolysis at the same time there may be residual chlorine and ozone, if drinking a lot of long-term. You can drink a drink, is a problem.

Hydrogen was first proved to be a kind of anti-inflammatory substances, because hydrogen is a very safe gas, can be used for a long time, so the pathological basis of many chronic diseases such as chronic inflammation may play an important role. Many people through drinking water that hydrogen can decrease blood glucose, blood pressure and bad cholesterol, anti-inflammatory effect behind the effect the foundation may be hydrogen. Of course, selective reduction of antioxidant effect of oxidative damage also contributed.

The hydrogen or hydrogen rich water is not the same as hydrogen, which is mentioned earlier, because of the different water quality, hydrogen water may carry other harmful substances

However, the following patients should not be a large number of drinking hydrogen rich water, a large number of drinking need to consult a doctor, but like drinking water in general drink rich hydrogen water on the OK

1, severe influenza patients should not drink plenty of water

In general, the doctor will recommend flu patients drink boiling water, because cold is a viral infection or secondary bacterial infection, drink plenty of water after help increase urine volume, can indirectly to eliminate toxins from the body, especially the urinary tract infection, drink plenty of water excretion, favorable washing bladder, conducive to the recovery of the disease.

However, for individual bronchitis, severe cold patients infected with bacterial pneumonia and other virus, is not recommended to drink plenty of water. Because more water will increase the secretion of antidiuretic hormone, because it can stimulate water reabsorption from the renal collecting duct to retain liquid, if the increase when the secretion of antidiuretic hormone in the urine was given extra the liquid, it will cause excess body water, electrolyte imbalance may cause hyponatremia and liquid overload and other symptoms.

2 patients with urinary tract stones stones is large, can not automatically discharge, can not be dissolved, must undergo surgery to cure, if drinking water, urine volume increased and discharged out, it will lead to renal damage, it is not appropriate to drink.

In addition, some patients with stones, although not large, but at the same time suffering from high blood pressure, renal insufficiency, or chronic heart and lung disease, but also can not drink more water, otherwise it will cause the original disease symptoms

3, patients with heart failure, renal failure, swelling of the patient should not drink plenty of water, if you drink plenty of water will increase the severity of the disease

4, patients with high blood pressure should not drink plenty of water: Patients with high blood pressure if you drink too much water, there may be elevated blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and a series of malignant symptoms


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